‘Deal of the Century’ has roots in US utilitarianism

TEHRAN, May 31 (MNA) – Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani says that the proposed ‘Deal of the Century’ has roots in the American utilitarianism philosophy, which disregards justice, dignity, and humanist aspects of the Palestinian issue in favor of economic gains.

The Speaker of the Iranian Parliament Ali Larijani made the remarks before the Friday Prayers sermon in Tehran began today, which was the last Friday of holy month of Ramadan marking the 40th anniversary of International Quds Day. The day has been commemorated with huge rallies across Iran and the globe.

“Americans believe in utilitarianism according to which justice, honor, and humanity count as long as they have benefits,” Larijani said.

The parliament speaker also said that for the American statesmen, international obligations do not count much and they violate their international commitments when they do not see any benefits in abiding by them.

He referred to the US withdrawal from several international agreements such as the Paris climate change agreement, the nuclear deal with Iran and the missile treaty with Russia as some irrational decisions made by the American authorities based on their belief in utilitarianism.

He further noted that proposing the ‘Deal of the Century’ has roots in US utilitarianism philosophy. Meanwhile, he stressed that the their plan for Palestine shows the depth of their unlimited hatred towards the Muslims.

Larijani further quoted the Iranian Leader Ayatollah Khamenei as saying that US utilitarianism is in decline as it creates 'international anomalies.’ He added the creation of the ISIL terrorist group had roots in the US utilitarianism with the aim of destroying the Islamic nations.

The speaker further called on the Islamic countries to come together and build a stronger strategy against the US strategy for the region.

He also lambasted some Arab countries particularly Saudi Arabia's cooperation with Americans’ plots and their huge purchase of the US arms.

He went on to note the US officials’ talk of readiness for negotiations with Iran, quoting the Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Khamenei’s remarks that Americans cannot be trusted and ruled out any possibility of negotiations on defensive power.

At the end, Larijani said that Iran needs to get stronger and its resistance against the US pressures should continue as the only solution.


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