• سفیر چین 2018/03/19

    By H.E. Mr. PANG SEN

    Belt, Road Initiative and China-Iran cooperation

    TEHRAN, Mar. 19 (MNA) –Over the past two weeks, the National People’s Congress of China (NPC) and the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) were held in Beijing, China. In addition to reviewing policies relating to crucial domestic economic and social developments, the gatherings also decided on the amendment of the Constitution, election of new leadership of the state, reform of governmental structure as well as legislation on anti-corruption matters.

  • ssss Today 14:04

    Violation of JCPOA “regrettable”: Official

    TEHRAN, Mar. 19 (MNA) – Spokesperson for Iran’s Parliament National Security and Foreign Policy Commission Seyyed Hossein Naghavi Hosseini said that United States has never lived up to its commitments since the implementation of Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA).

  • eeeee Today 12:30

    Oil minister reveals:

    Producing 500m oil barrels, outcome of IPC 3rd contract

    TEHRAN, Mar. 19 (MNA) – Iranian Oil Minister Bijan Namdar Zanganeh said, “it is predicted that 500 million oil barrels will be produced during 20 years as a result of conclusion of contract for the development and operation of Jofeir and Sepehr oilfields.”

  • sssss Yesterday 12:59

    Iranian National Orchestra to perform in Italy

    TEHRAN, Mar. 18 (MNA) – At the official invitation of Italian conductor of “Emilia-Romagna” orchestra, a number of musicians fromIranian National Orchestra will travel to Italy to take part in special performance of this magnificent orchestra.

  • sssss Yesterday 11:44

    Iran, Mauritania to boost coop. for drug production

    TEHRAN, Mar. 18 (MNA) – Mauritanian Health Minister Kane Boubacar said, “I am proud to visit Iran to help promote cooperation level between the two countries of Iran and Mauritania in the health sector.”

  • ffffff 2018-03-17 15:34


    Peugeot 301 to hit Iranian car market in next year

    TEHRAN, Mar. 17 (MNA) – Chief Executive of Iran Khodro Industrial Group (IKCO) Hashem Yekezare said that Peugeot 301 passenger car will hit Iranian car market in the next Iranian calendar year in 1397 (to start March 21, 2018).

  • مصاحبه با پیتر مائورر رئیس کمیته صلیب سرخ 2018-03-16 10:43

    We have intensified our relations with Iran: ICRC president

    TEHRAN, Mar. 16 (MNA) – “Over years we have intensified our relations and cooperation with Iran,” says Peter Maurer, president of International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC).

  • ddddd 2018-03-15 18:20

    Pakistan FM spox:

    Iran’s Chabahar, Pakistan’s Gwadar complement each other

    TEHRAN, Mar. 15 (MNA) – Pakistan Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Muhammad Faisal said that Iran’s Chabahar Port and Pakistani Gwadar Port are considered as sister ports and can complement each other in promoting trade, business, transit and connectivity.

  • ddddd 2018-03-15 18:15

    US Navy official claims Iran’s drastic behavioral change in naval forces

    TEHRAN, Mar. 15 (MNA) – Spokesperson for the US Special Operations Command William Orban claimed that eye-catching and dramatic reduction in confrontation between Iranian and American naval forces in the Persian Gulf is a sign of change in behavior of the Iranian side.

  • fffff 2018-03-15 16:24

    Iran’s Zarif:

    Giant steps necessary to promote energy, tourism, industrial coop.

    TEHRAN, Mar. 15 (MNA) – Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif in his meeting with the foreign ministers of Turkey, Georgia and Azerbaijan in Azeri capital Baku on Thursday said, “the four countries of Iran, Turkey, Georgia and Azerbaijan have high potentials and capabilities in the fields of energy, tourism and industry.”

  • fffff 2018-03-15 15:44

    Iran, Georgia, Turkey, Azerbaijan Quadrilateral meeting kicks off in Baku

    TEHRAN, Mar. 15 (MNA) – Quadripartite meeting between foreign ministers of Islamic Republic of Iran, Georgia, Turkey and Azerbaijan Republic started in Azeri capital Baku on Thursday.

  • dddd 2018-03-15 15:16

    Iran’s national football team remains top in Asia in latest FIFA ranking

    TEHRAN, Mar. 15 (MNA) – The national football team of Iran (Team Melli) stands at 33 and first place in the world and Asia respectively.

  • الهام علی اف 2018-03-15 13:21

    Iran FM meets Azeri Pres. Ilham Aliyev in Baku

    TEHRAN, Mar. 15 (MNA) – Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif met and held talks with Ilham Aliyev President of Azerbaijan Republic in Baku.

  • ddddd 2018-03-15 11:24

    Iran, Turkey emphasize expanding defense coop.

    TEHRAN, Mar. 15 (MNA) – Defense authorities of the two countries of Iran and Turkey held a joint meeting on Thursday in Turkey and stressed for importance of strengthening mutual defense and military relations.

  • sssss 2018-03-15 11:21

    Iran and Azerbaijan Republic to ink eight coop. agreements

    TEHRAN, Mar. 15 (MNA) – A number of eight cooperation agreements will be signed between Iran and Azerbaijan Republic in the course of upcoming visit of Iranian President Hassan Rouhani to Baku, capital of Azerbaijan.

  • fffff 2018-03-15 10:57

    UAE urges construction of pipeline in Iran

    TEHRAN, Mar. 15 (MNA) – Former Chief Executive of Gas Export Development Company Nosratollah Seifi said, “United Arab Emirates (UAE) owns gas field in Turkmenistan and has repeatedly embarked on transmitting gas to their country through Iran, the issue of which faced with harsh opposition due to various reasons.”

  • dddddd 2018-03-15 09:48

    Indian govt. approves MoU to ban double taxation with Iran

    TEHRAN, Mar. 15 (MNA) – The Indian government, in an unprecedented move, approved a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) which calls banning imposition of double taxation with the Islamic Republic of Iran, the issue of which leads to the increased investment and reduced tax evasion.

  • ایلدریم 2018-03-14 21:07

    Turkey, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Iran's FMs to talk 'Silk Road'

    TEHRAN, Mar. 14 (MNA) – Turkish Prime Minister Binali Yıldırım on March 14 said the foreign ministers of Turkey, Azerbaijan, Georgia and Iran will meet in Baku to evaluate regional developments and discuss “regional cooperation.”

  • sssss 2018-03-14 15:38

    Iran, Singapore stress expansion of coop. to deal with drug trafficking

    TEHRAN, Mar. 14 (MNA) – Interior ministers of Iran and Singapore placed special emphasis on the necessity of cooperation of the two countries in dealing with drug trafficking.

  • نوزدهمین همایش ملی صنعت و خدمات سبز - شریعتمداری وزیر صنعت 2018-03-14 11:54

    Minister of industry:

    Boost in economic coop. with Republic of Azerbaijan requires double efforts

    TEHRAN, Mar. 14 (MNA) – Minister of Industry, Mine and Trade Mohammad Shariatmadari in his meeting with Azerbaijan's Minister of Economy Shahin Mustafayev said on Tuesday that cultural commonalities between Iran and Republic of Azerbaijan facilitate simple trade exchanges.

  • rrrrr 2018-03-14 10:46

    Turkish GAMA Holding inks petrochemical investment MoU with Iran

    TEHRAN, Mar. 14 (MNA) – A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed in the field of petrochemical investment between Khuzestan province’s Governor-Generalship and Turkish GAMA Company in Izeh sub-province on Monday.

  • ddddd 2018-03-12 13:59

    Trade barriers with Russia to be solved in next 2 months: official

    TEHRAN, Mar. 12 (MNA) – Chairman of Iran and Russia Joint Chamber of Commerce Asadollah Asgarowladi said, “under the agreements inked between Iran and Russia in recent trip of the minister of economy to Russia, trade and business problems facing the two countries will be resolved within the next two months.”

  • دونالد ترامپ 2018-03-12 09:02

    Trump to Quit JCPOA if significant changes not made

    TEHRAN, Mar. 12 (MNA) – US President Donald Trump told Israeli regime's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu that the United States would pull out of the 2015 Iran nuclear deal if his demands to make "significant" changes to the agreement were not met.

  • جت شخصی 2018-03-11 19:21

    Turkish private jet hits Iranian high mountains

    TEHRAN, Mar. 11 (MNA) – A Turkish private jet which was using Iranian air space to get from Sharjah to Istanbul crashed in Iranian western mountain ranges after catching fire, according to local eyewitnesses.

  • eeeee 2018-03-11 12:44

    Tehran, Baghdad new customs agreement outlined

    TEHRAN, Mar. 11 (MNA) – Presidents of the Islamic Republic of Iran Customs Administration (IRICA) and Iraqi Customs signed and sealed a bilateral cooperation agreement in the relevant field.

  • sssss 2018-03-11 08:50

    Indian Embassy Charge d’ affaires reveals:

    India to pay Iran’s oil sales debt in euro

    TEHRAN, Mar. 10 (MNA) – Charge d’ affaires of Indian Embassy to Tehran said that his country has no problem on paying its oil debt to Iran and said, “Indian government is determined to pay its oil debt to Iran in euro.”

  • sssss 2018-03-10 17:06

    Deputy minister of agriculture:

    $4.5bn agricultural products exported in 10 months

    TEHRAN, Mar. 10 (MNA) – Deputy Minister of Agricultural Jihad for Planning and Economic Affairs Abdol-Mahdi Bakhshandeh said, “over 4.7 million tons of agricultural produce, valued at approx. $4.542 billion, were exported from the country since the beginning of the current Iranian calendar year (started March 21, 2017) up to the end of Iranian month of Dey (Jan. 22), showing a considerable 4.5 and 12.29 percent growth in terms of weight and value respectively.

  • dddddd 2018-03-10 15:10

    Bylaw to set up foreign bank in free zones compiled

    TEHRAN, Mar. 10 (MNA) – Secretary of Supreme Council of Free Trade and Industrial Zones Morteza Bank revealed the completion of formulation of bylaw to launch foreign banks in free zones and forwarding it to the Council of Economy.

  • ssssss 2018-03-10 11:42

    Iran General Inspection Org. chief calls for intl. community to confront corruption

    TEHRAN, Mar. 10 (MNA) – Director of Iranian General Inspection Organization called for leading countries in the world and Asia to promote transparency and cooperate with one another in the field of confront corruption seriously.

  • حیدر العبادی و جهانگیری 2018-03-08 10:55

    Iraq welcomes Iran's contribution in post-ISIL era reconstruction

    TEHRAN, Mar. 08 (MNA) – Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi hailed Iran’s support to Iraq to overcome terrorism and liberate Iraqi territories from ISIL terrorist group.