International Quds Day



  • دیدار مسئولان، سفرای کشورهای اسلامی و جمعی از اقشار مختلف مردم با رهبر معظم انقلاب 2017-06-26 14:30

    Rouhani hails nation’s bravery, unity against terrorism

    TEHRAN, Jun. 26 (MNA) – President Hassan Rouhani commended Iranian nation’s resistance and unity against terrorism.

  • مسابقه پرش با اسب به مناسبت روز قدس 2017-06-24 16:26

    By: Iman Hamikhah

    Horse jumping race in Hamedan

    HAMEDAN, Jun. 24 (MNA) – Horse jumping competition on the occasion of International Quds Day was held on Friday in Hamedan.

  • india 2017-06-24 15:23

    2017 Intl. Quds Day rallies held in India

    TEHRAN, Jun. 24 (MNA) – Tanzeem-e-Jafferi (Regd.) has organized the International Quds Day Rally in Hyderabad of India on June 23, to support the oppressed people of Palestine.

  • Hezbollah leader 2017-06-24 11:03

    Hezbollah leader :

    Syria 'a main supporter of resistance in Lebanon, Palestine'

    BEIRUT, Jun. 24 (MNA) – Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah said that Syria is a main supporter of resistance movements in Lebanon and Palestine.

  • راهپیمایی روز قدس در تهران 2017-06-23 22:18

    Israel's days numbered in Tehran

    TEHRAN, Jun. 23 (MNA) – In the area around Palestine square in Tehran, a big counter has been installed and the big screen was unveiled on Friday during the Quds Day rallies.

  • راهپیمایی 2 2017-06-23 19:59

    Afghan immigrants mark Quds Day in Iran

    TEHRAN, Jun. 23 (MNA) – Dozens of Afghan migrants living in the Iranian northeastern city of Mashhad marked the International Quds Day along with Iranians on the last Friday of the holy month of Ramadan.

  • شمخانی 2017-06-23 19:52

    Shamkhani rails against Saudis’ policies toward Muslims

    TEHRAN, Jun. 23 (MNA) – Iran's SNSC Head Shamkhani said that the best way to sympathize with Muslims is Quds Day not the Riyadh conference or Qatar blockade.

  •  حضور مسولین در راهپیمایی روز قدس 2017-06-23 18:31

    Iran to maintain resistance against arrogant powers: Rouhani

    TEHRAN, Jun. 23 (MNA) – Iranian President Hassan Rouhani told the media, while marching the Quds Day rallies, that Iranians would determinedly continue their way in resisting arrogant powers.

  • راهپیمایی روز قدس در شهرضا اصفهان -  محمد مهدی ملکی 2017-06-23 17:52

    By: Asghari, Maleki, Hossinnejadi, Peymankar

    Quds Day rallies across Iran

    TEHRAN, Jun. 23 (MNA) – All over Iran, in all cities which observe the rituals of Friday, people marched on the streets to mark the last Friday of this year’s holy month of Ramadan; an occasion when Muslims unite in solidarity to support the suppressed people of Palestine.

  • علی لاریجانی 2017-06-23 16:56

    Zionism most malignant form of terrorism in history: Larijani

    TEHRAN, Jun. 23 (MNA) –Iran’s Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani addressed the people in Quds Day rallies in Tehran, saying there is no event as sinister as the creation of Zionist regime in the course of history.

  • راهپیمایی روز  قدس در تهران -1 2017-06-23 14:12

    By: Abbasi, Riazi

    Quds Day rallies in Tehran

    TEHRAN, Jun. 23 (MNA) – Hundreds of thousands of Tehran citizens convened on the streets to mark Quds Day rallies and demonstrate their support for Palestinians and their opposition against the crimes committed by the Israeli forces. The anti-Israel rallies were proposed by the late founder of the Islamic Revolution of 1979.

  • روز قدس در یاسوج 2017-06-23 13:21

    Quds Day rallies kick off across Iranian cities

    TEHRAN, Jun. 23 (MNA) – Millions of people are taking to the streets across Iran and other world countries on the last Friday of the holy month of Ramadan to show their solidarity with the Palestinians and condemn Israel’s decades-long occupation and atrocities.

  • علی لاریجانی رئیس مجلس شورای اسلامی 2017-06-23 12:28

    Larijani calls nation to attend Quds Day rallies

    TEHRAN, Jun. 23 (MNA) – Ali Larijani, the Speaker of Iran’s Parliament issued a statement on Thursday calling the nation to show up at the nationwide rallies of the international Quds Day.

  • 1931394.jpg 2017-06-23 06:44

    Quds Day binds world on land protection, fight against oppression

    TEHRAN, Jun. 23 (MNA) – American counter-terrorism analyst describes the beauty and power of International Quds Day lies in its ability to unite people in a bond of spiritual brotherhood and sing the harmony of political stability and peace.

  • حسین امیرعبداللهیان 2017-06-22 18:10


    US embassy relocation to Jerusalem to ignite new Intifada

    TEHRAN, Jun. 22 (MNA) – Parliament's General Director for International Affairs said Thu. the relocation of the American embassy to Jerusalem-al-Quds will bring about a new Intifada in the occupied territories.

  • علی اکبر ولایتی 2017-06-22 16:33


    Quds Day symbol of Muslims’ unity against aggressors

    TEHRAN, Jun. 22 (MNA) – Leader’s senior adviser Ali Akbar Velayati described Quds Day as a symbol of unity and dignity of the Islamic Ummah against aggressors and usurpers.

  • quds day 2017/06/22

    It is a true story: "Trail of the Wolf"

    TEHRAN, Jun. 22 (MNA) – Since Balfour Declaration, the Zionism soft movement to devour a free land has accelerated. It is almost a century from that date and only Gaza Strip and the West Bank have remained for Palestinians.

  • سر در وزارت خارجه 2017-06-22 12:00

    Iran's Foreign Ministry;

    Israel main cause of current crises in region

    TEHRAN, Jun. 22 (MNA) – In a statement ahead of Intl. Quds Day, the Iranian foreign ministry while deeming Israel as the main cause of current tensions in West Asian region, called on Muslims to show their unity by taking part in Friday Quds rallies across the world.

  • دیدار جمعی از استادان، نخبگان  دانشگاه‌ها با رهبر انقلاب 2017-06-22 10:41

    Iran's Leader:

    UNESCO 2030 'a plot by arrogant powers to control nations'

    TEHRAN, Jun. 22 (MNA) – The UNESCO 2030 agenda is part of the UN's “Sustainable Development Document" under which global powers attempt to control all nations in a flawed and improper move, Ayatollah Khamenei said Wednesday.

  • جلسه هیات دولت 2017-06-21 15:27

    Pres. Rouhani:

    Regional, global disputes beneficial to Zionism, terrorism

    TEHRAN, Jun. 21 (MNA) – Iranian President Hassan Rouhani stressed Wed. that unity in the Islamic world must be bolstered to impede Zionism and terrorism across the region.

  • سردار حسین دهقان 2017-06-21 13:35

    Def. min.:

    Absence of Zionism brings about violence-free world

    TEHRAN, Jun. 21 (MNA) – Defense Minister Dehghan said the fake Zionist regime and its main supporter, the US, were sole causes of all troubles, violence and insecurity in the whole world.

  • نشست خبری علی لاریجانی رئیس مجلس شورای اسلامی 2017-06-20 10:11


    Muslim states' alliance with Israel ‘disaster’

    TEHRAN, Jun. 20 (MNA) – Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani said alliance of certain Islamic countries with Israeli regime is a ‘disaster’ and ‘disgrace’, stressing that Islamic Ummah must be sensitive about the fate of Palestinians.

  • شیخ زکزاکی 2016-07-25 13:35

    By: Mahdi Garba

    Remembering the July 25 Quds Day killings

    TEHRAN, Jul. 25 (MNA) – In 2014, the International Quds day was marked in 22 Nigerian cities peacefully as usual. But, Zaria's procession ended bloody when the Nigerian military under the command of Lieutenant Colonel S. Okwu of Basawa barracks who were on a killing spree ambushed the peaceful protesters.

  • QUDS 2016-07-05 13:59

    Toronto Muslims join Intl. Quds Day rallies

    TEHRAN, Jul. 05 (MNA) – Thousands of Toronto citizens have joined millions of people in 900 cities across 85 countries to denounce the barbaric occupation of indigenous Palestinians by the Zionists, July 2.

  • راهپیمایی روزجهانی قدس در فرانکفورت 2016-07-05 11:14

    Frankfort streets see Intl. Quds Day rallies

    TEHRAN, Jul. 04 (MNA) – Frankfort hosted International Quds Day rallies on Sunday July 3 with Muslims rallying in streets to show solidarity with Palestinians.

  • راهپیمایی روز جهانی قدس- لندن 2016-07-05 09:29

    British Muslims in London observe Intl. Quds Day rallies

    TEHRAN, Jul. 05 (MNA) – European cities have hosted International Quds Day rallies on Sunday July 03. Muslims in London, Britain joined rallies with other Muslims across Europe rallying in streets to show solidarity with Palestinians.

  • QUDS 2016-07-02 15:50

    Canadian Al-Quds Committee calls for Al-Quds Day rallies

    TEHRAN, Jul. 02 (MNA) – A Canadian civil organization has invited the public to Al-Quds Day rallies to peacefully raise the voice against the atrocities and human rights’ violations of Zionism.

  • راهپیمایی روز جهانی قدس در سریناگار / کشمیر 2016-07-02 15:23

    By: Adel Hossein

    Intl. Quds Day rally in Kashmir

    SRINAGAR, Jul. 02 (MNA) – International Quds Day rally was held yesterday in Srinagar of Kashmir with many people chanting slogans in support of Palestinian nation.

  • quds day 2016-07-02 15:14

    Iran Embassy in Tunisia marks Intl. Quds Day

    TUNIS, Jul. 02 (MNA) – The Intl. Quds Day was commemorated at Iranian Embassy in Tunisia on Friday with participation of some 300 diplomats and religious and cultural figures including Tunisian scholar Muhammad al-Tijani.

  • IHRC 2016-07-02 13:28

    IHRC demands apology for MP's Al-Quds Day smear

    TEHRAN, Jul. 02 (MNA) – IHRC has demanded an urgent apology from the conservative MP Matthew Offord for comments where he linked the annual Al-Quds Day demonstration with the extremist group ISIL.