Resistance targets Zionist settlements, SUFA, Nahal Oz bases

TEHRAN, May 18 (MNA) – The Palestinian Resistance announced that it had targeted the settlements of Ofakim and Ashkelon, Sderot and Nahal Oz and SUFA bases in occupied lands.

'Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Brigades', the military wing of the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas), announced that in response to the Zionist regime's continued attacks on the Gaza Strip and the targeting of civilians and Palestinian citizens, today it has targeted the Zionist settlement of Ofakim.

Informed sources also reported that sirens went off warning of rockets attack in Zionist settlements around Gaza.

Shortly after announcing the rocket attack on the Zionist settlement of Ofakim in southern occupied lands, Al-Jazeera reported that some rockets had been fired south of Ashkelon and that the Zionist Iron Dome was trying to intercept them.

The SUFA military support base east of Rafah was also targeted with mortars, as it was yesterday.

The Zionist regime's Army spokesperson Zilberman told a news conference today that 60 fighter jets had bombed 65 targets in Gaza since this morning.

According to the Maa website, the spokesperson claimed that the attack took place within half an hour and that tens of kilometers of tunnels of the Resistance forces in Gaza had been destroyed. 

The military wing of Hamas further stated that it also targeted the Zionist settlement of Sderot with mortars.

Saraya al-Quds Brigades, the armed wing of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad reported that it had targeted the Nahal Oz military base in the south of the occupied territories and northwest of Negev desert near the Gaza Strip border with mortars.

Over 90 Palestinians injured, three arrested amid protests

A total of 97 Palestinians were injured as violence escalated with the Zionist forces in the occupied West Bank, according to the Palestine Red Crescent Society.

In a statement, the society said five people were injured by live bullets, another five by rubber bullets, while 84 suffered from gas inhalation.

According to Al-Jazeera’s correspondent, three people have also been arrested at the Damascus Gate in Quds' Old City where Israeli police used rubber bullets, stun grenades and skunk water to disperse protesters.

Zionist police fire tear gas to disperse Palestinian protesters

Israeli police in Bethlehem have fired tear gas, injuring at least seven Palestinian protesters, Al-Jazeera’s reported.

Injuries were also reported at a checkpoint in Ramallah, where Israeli police also used tear gas against protesters.

Palestinians also held rallies in other cities, including Nablus and Al-Khalil, amid a general strike.

Resistance targets Zionist settlements, SUFA, Nahal Oz bases

More than 52,000 Palestinians displaced in Gaza: UN

More than 52,000 Palestinians have been displaced by the Zionist regime's airstrikes that have destroyed or badly damaged nearly 450 buildings in the Gaza Strip, said the UN aid agency, Al-Jazeera reported.

About 47,000 of the displaced people have sought shelter in 58 UN-run schools in Gaza, Jens Laerke, spokesman of the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA), told reporters.

Laerke also said 132 buildings had been destroyed and 316 had been severely damaged, including six hospitals and nine primary healthcare centres.

Huge fire rages at Zionists gas rig near Haifa

Released footages from the occupied city of Haifa show that a gas platform belonging to the Zionist regime has caught fire.

A huge fire broke out at an alleged natural gas rig near the city of Haifa on Monday evening, according to videos shared by users on Twitter.

The Zionist media first tried to portray the incident as normal, claiming that a torch was releasing gas. This is while the residents of the coastal part of Haifa had never seen such large flames and this attracted their attention.

After the claim, the Zionist media admitted that the incident was unusual, saying that a technical malfunction had caused the fire.

Users in Twitter shared video reportedly depicting the fire at either the Leviathan or the Tamar gas platform, located on the Mediterranean Sea, near the Haifa coast. No official comment has followed the reports.

General strike across Palestinian cities in full swing

Shops were shuttered across cities in Gaza, the occupied West Bank and Israeli cities as Palestinians observed a general strike to protest Israel’s bombardment of the enclave, Al-Jazeera reported.

Resistance targets Zionist settlements, SUFA, Nahal Oz bases

The strike, which is supported from both Hamas and Fatah led to the suspension of all economic activity and the closure of educational institutions.

“It’s the first time in decades that we see Palestinians across the political divide to take part in such a general strike,” said Al Jazeera’s correspondent, reporting from Ramallah.

Zionists martyr young Palestinian near Ibrahimi Mosque in Al-Khalil

Zionist forces shot and killed a young Palestinian man near the Ibrahimi Mosque in Al-Khalil, West Bank.

According to the Shehab news agency, the Zionist regime claimed that the young Palestinian intended to carry out an operation with a cold weapon.

Simultaneously with the Zionist regime's attacks on the Gaza Strip, the Zionist forces are suppressing the Palestinians in different parts of the West Bank, as in the past.

Resistance targets Zionist settlements, SUFA, Nahal Oz bases

Zionist military says it downed UAV near Jordan border

The Israeli Ministry of War announced the downing of a drone that had entered Jordan from the north of the occupied territories.

According to the Times of Israel, as reported by the Israeli army, the drone was moving towards the area of "Beit She'an" in the north of the occupied territories, which was targeted and shot down by the Israeli army.

According to the report, despite the fact that the drone was moving from Jordan to the border of occupied Palestine, its main source is still unknown and no details have been released.

Huge fire rages at Zionists gas rig near Haifa (+VIDEO)

Zionist regime continues air raids as day breaks

The Zionist regime continued its air raids on Gaza as day broke on Tuesday.

Explosions were heard and balls of fire and plumes of smoke were seen rising from several buildings in Gaza City, Al-Jazeera reported.

Zionist regime continues air raids as day breaks

At least 212 martyred in Zionist attacks on Gaza

At least 212 people in Gaza have now been killed, Gaza’s Ministry of Health said, including 61 children and 36 women.

The Zionist regime launched another series of air raids on the Gaza Strip on Monday after Benjamin Netanyahu said the attacks on the Palestinian enclave would rage on.

Explosions rocked Gaza City from north to south as Israeli fighter jets hit homes, clinics and government buildings.

Zionist regime continues air raids as day breaks

The Zionist regime killed a top commander of the Islamic Jihad armed group, Hussam Abu Harbeed.

At least 212 people, including 61 children, have been killed in Gaza since the latest violence began more than a week ago. Some 1,500 Palestinians were also wounded, Al-Jazeera reported.

Zionist regime continues air raids as day breaks

Major infrastructure damaged across Gaza Strip

Gaza’s Ministry of Health launched an appeal for help as it is struggling to respond to the large numbers of injured people seeking hospital treatment across the territory, Al-Jazeera's correspondent reported.

Major infrastructure – including electricity and water supplies – has also been damaged in the continuing Israeli bombardment, he said.

“The municipality said that they have been receiving hundreds of phone calls from people looking for some water because the main pipe supplies of water have been damaged,” he added.

Here is the link to Palestinian developments on Monday. 


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