China at UN meeting calls for lifting of US sanctions on Iran

TEHRAN, Jun. 30 (MNA) – China reiterated its call for the lifting of the US sanctions against Iran at the UN Security Council meeting on Wednesday.

The UN Security Council held a meeting on Wednesday afternoon to discuss the UN Secretary-​General's report on the implementation of resolution 2231 which endorsed the Iran nuclear deal or the JCOPA. 

The ambassadors of the different countries, including the 5 permanent states addressed the meeting. 

Chinese amb.

The China representative at the meeting the United States unilaterally withdrew from the JCPOA and it is up to Washington to take the first step to return to the agreement without any preconditions.

He also called on Iran to return to the full abidance by the JCPOA.

The Chinese envoy also said his country was opposed to unilateral US sanctions and called on the United States to lift sanctions against Iran.

British envoy

Furthermore, the British envoy, for her part, said that London welcomes the Iran-Saudi Arabia dialogue.

She said that her country considered seriously the remarks by the President-elect of Iran on June 18 that his government would be ready for talks with Saudi Arabia.

She said that her country was committed to the full implementation of the JCPOA and Resolution 2231, and for that reason, the Britons are participating in the Vienna talks.

The Britain diplomat added that the United States' return to JCPOA and Iran's return to full implementation of its JCPOA obligations were a priority for her country.

French rep.

The French ambassador, for his part, said that the parties in Vienna talks need to make brave decisions after six rounds of the talks. He further called on Tehran to resume cooperation with IAEA.

In meddlesome remarks, the French envoy reiterated his government calls for starting talks on Iran's regional influence.

Russian envoy

Russia representative said that Western accusations against Iran's missile program are baseless.

He said that it is completely unacceptable for a US envoy who violates UNSCR 2231 to accuse Iran of violating the provisions of UNSCR 2231.

The Russian envoy expressed his regret that the new US administration is still continuing the maximum pressure campaign against Tehran and has not reviewed the previous administration’s decisions.

He pointed out that the United States continues to violate UNSCR 2231 and, for example, has kept in place its unilateral restrictions on arms trade with Iran despite the lifting of all UN restrictions last year according to the UN resolution.

EU envoy

The European Union (EU) envoy said at the meeting the United States must lift sanctions on Iranian oil exports. He said that it was Washington that withdrew from JCPOA in 2018.

The EU envoy added that the JCPOA agreement is still at a critical stage. He added that the bloc is committed to the terms of the nuclear deal with Iran.

He noted that the JCPOA came under considerable pressure following the US withdrawal in 2018.

German amb.

The German envoy said that the JCPOA has no logical alternative. He said that his country believes in the revival of the agreement. 

The German diplomat added that the negotiations in Vienna cannot end without compromise.

He challenged the assessments of some of his partners that Iran's nuclear steps (remedial measures) are completely reversible.

The German representative further noted that the steps taken by Iran away from the JCPOA commitments will lead to the acquisition of technological knowledge and undermine the benefits of non-proliferation.


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