Iran not to cooperate with UN fact-finding mission

TEHRAN, Nov. 28 (MNA) – Referring to the recent anti-Iranian resolution issued at the UN Human Rights Council, the Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman says that Iran will never cooperate with a such fact-finding mission on alleged human rights issues.

Germany supported Iraq during Iran-Iraq war

Nasser Kan’ani appeared on Monday with a chemical mask in his weekly press conference. It seems that his action is a reference to Germany's support in the war imposed on Iran by Iraq during Saddam Hussein's regime (1980-1988) and the provision of chemical weapons by the German government to the Saddam regime.

Saddam Hussein's regime had no obstacles in using weapons and chemical bombs against the Iranians during the war, he said, adding that the western governments, including the German government, gave the chemical substances to the Iraqi Baath regime, and many crimes were committed against the people of Iran and Iraq with these weapons and equipment.

"The United Nations has clarified Germany's role in arming Iraq with chemical substances, Germany has received 139 warnings from the United Nations regarding the sale of biological and chemical weapons," Kan'ani noted.

He added,  "The results of UN reports show that Germany has played an important role in this field, and DER Spiegel magazine has also written about this, and we have always witnessed violations of human rights and women's rights in Germany."

Iran not to cooperate with UN fact-finding mission

In response to a question about a recent anti-Iranian resolution issued at the UN Human Rights Council, he said, "As Iran has officially announced, it will not cooperate with this political committee under the title of the fact-finding mission."

"Within the framework of its national responsibilities, the Islamic Republic (of Iran) has formed a national committee with the presence of experts, lawyers, and official and unofficial representatives, in the sense that it believes in its inherent and national responsibility," Kan'ani stated, adding that the country is carrying out duties and comprehensive investigation in this regard.

"Therefore, the hasty use of human rights mechanisms and political approaches are rejected and will not contribute to the concept of human rights."

Iran rejects Zionists' accusation about Iran's role in attack on oil tanker

The spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in response to a question about the attack on the oil tanker of the Zionist regime, which the Zionists accused Iran of, rejected these accusations and said that false accusations against Iran are the goal of the Zionist regime and its other allies and if Iran does something, it is brave enough to take responsibility for it. 

Iraq responsible for security of border lines shared with Iran

Saying that the Kurdistan region is part of the territory of Iraq and the Iraqi government is responsible for the security of the border lines shared by the two countries of Iran and Iraq, the foreign ministry spokesman said, "We heard the news that the Iraqi government has decided to deploy its official forces on the borders of Iraqi Kurdistan. We hope that this deployment will take place. If the Iraqi government needs technical assistance in this regard, we are ready to help the Iraqi government."

Regarding the Turkish operation in northern Syria, Kan'ani stated, "While understanding Turkey's security concerns, we believe that bilateral frameworks between Turkey and its neighbors are the best framework for resolving disputes."


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