US knows its snapback claim is ‘empty, unreal, ineffective’

TEHRAN, Sep. 20 (MNA) – A spokesperson with Iran’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that Washington is well aware that its claim of returning UN sanctions against Iran is ‘empty, unreal, and ineffective’.

Speaking in his weekly briefing on Sunday, Saeed Khatibzadeh said Washington is ‘experiencing most bitter moments’ due to their defeat in the international arena.

Washington claims that UN sanctions that have been lifted after signing the JCPOA have been returned as of September 20, however, the international community and even its European allies have rejected the US claim, noting that Washington has no right to use JCPOA provisions as it has ‘ceased participation’ in the deal back in May 2018.

“US is standing on the wrong side of the history and has forgotten its duties,” said Khatibzadeh, adding, “The message of Tehran to Washington is that they should return to the international community and their own commitment, and the world will accept them if they abandon insurrection and false claims.”

“US should have received the world’s message and acknowledge that the world is changing and that the United States will be the first victim of this change because of the short-sighted policies of Trump and his circle.”

The three European countries that are definite allies of America have issued a statement, saying that the US has no right to use JCPOA provisions and that its measures will have no effect, added the spokesman. “America knows its claim is empty, unreal, and ineffective.”

US measures have only led to insecurity, war, and de-stabilization and their recent measure is also another resurrection added to their previous long list of hostile actions, he added.

Asked about reports of US’s plans to inspect Iranian ships, the spokesman said “Any measure that will violate Iran’s sovereignty and the international law will swiftly and seriously receive a response. We urge Americans to stop maritime, aerial, and ground piracy as the era of piracy has ended.”

Iran rules out any revision of JCPOA

Asked about US efforts and pressure to expand the JCPOA, the spokesman said “The JCPOA has been once negotiated, concluded, and signed and any measure that seeks to break this seal means the end of the JCPOA. So we ask all countries to respect the axioms of international relations and fulfill their legal commitments.”

US efforts are futile and their show has no spectator and they will face a firm response if they bite off more than they can chew, added Khatibzadeh.

Since the US withdrawal from the JCPOA, European signatories of the deal have failed to implement their commitments and Tehran has discussed the issue with the E3 in the meeting, he said, adding that the European troika has made some efforts but all in vain.

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