Saudi regime vicious ploy for Quds International Day

TEHRAN, May 25 (MNA) – This year, Quds international Day will be of special importance since US is planning to officially announce the “Deal of the Century”, a deal mainly designed to complete the Zionists ominous project for pushing Palestinians out of their lands.

This is a critical time, also, because US is especially at work to heighten pressures on Iran, in a bid to hinder the development of the Islamic Republic government and nation. 

Over the past weeks, anti-Iran groups and war-advocates both inside and outside the White House have done the most to fuel fears and to fake a pressing situation in which “war or negation” are the only options. They are in fact putting on this show to achieve their own goals which are limiting Iran’s power in the region and preparing the ground for official introduction of “the Deal of the Century”. 

Based on this scenario, Al Saud regime, who is the top mercenary of US and Zionists in the region, is now trying to hold an urgent meeting with Arab League and Persian Gulf Cooperation Council members in Mecca. 

Holding this meeting shows the magnitude of Al Saud viciousness and is important on several accounts: 

•    According to Saudi Minister of State for Foreign Affairs Adel al-Jubeir, the meeting is going to be held on Ramadan 25th which coincides the Quds international Day. 
•    Instead of running in Saudi Arabia capital in Riyadh, the meeting is going to be held in Mecca which is Muslims’ holiest city. 
•    The main topic of this meeting is both “the Deal of the Century” and “the threats of the Islamic Republic of Iran for Arab countries.” 

By considering these three points it becomes clear that the Arab-Hebraic-Western think tank is aiming to attack the Islamic Republic of Iran which is the heart and soul of Quds Day and to destroy the idea of this day which is the liberation of Palestine and the holy Quds, so that they can stabilize and normalize the shameful and treacherous Deal of the Century. 


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