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  • رضایی نشست خبری Yesterday 23:49

    Iran to pull out from NPT if US leaves JCPOA: Rezaei

    TEHRAN, Apr. 26 (MNA) – Secretary of Iran’s Expediency Council Mohsen Rezaei said on Thursday that Iran will leave the NPT if US leave the JCPOA.

  • هفتمین روز سی و ششمین جشنواره جهانی فیلم فجر Yesterday 14:54

    By: Marjohn Sheikhi

    ‘There is no exit’, Oliver Stone slams US foreign policy in ME

    TEHRAN, Apr. 26 (MNA) – Distinguished American director Oliver Stone, while visiting Iran, drew attention to the ‘creative destructive’ foreign policy of the US in the Middle East, aimed at bringing US more profits.

  • حسن روحانی رئیس جمهوری 2018-04-25 13:04

    Rouhani asks Trump:

    "If JCPOA was bad and dangerous, why did you sign it?"

    TEHRAN, Apr. 25 (MNA) – Trump is a businessman and doesn't know anything about law, according to Iran’s president, calling on the US administration to live up to their commitments before deciding on the future of the JCPOA.

  • محمد جواد ظریف - وزیر خارجه ایران 2018-04-25 09:07

    Iran says if US pulls out of deal, it likely will do

    TEHRAN, Apr. 25 (MNA) – Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif put US president on notice, telling The Associated Press if the US pulls out of the nuclear deal, Iran "mostly likely" would abandon it, too.

  • صالح الصماد 2018-04-24 20:19

    Yemeni Supreme Political Council says president assassinated on Thurs.

    TEHRAN, Apr. 24 (MNA) – Naseh Shaker from SANA'A relayed to Mehr News Agency in Tehran that the Yemeni Supreme Political Council has verified the news that Saleh Ali Al-Sammad has been assassinated.

  • zarif 2018-04-24 10:02

    Our region in dire need of change: FM Zarif

    TEHRAN, Apr. 24 (MNA) – Iran’s Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif addressed the Council on Foreign Relations on Monday in New York, stressing that the Middle East region is in dire need of change.

  • دبیرکل سازمان ملل- آنتونیو گوترش 2018-04-24 09:22

    UN chief slams Saudi airstrike on Yemeni wedding

    TEHRAN, Apr. 24 (MNA) – The Secretary-General strongly condemns the airstrikes on a wedding party in Hajjah and on civilian vehicles in Taizz, where at least 50 civilians, including children, were reportedly killed and scores of others injured.

  • حسین امیرعبداللهیان 2018-04-23 21:53

    No military solution for Yemeni crisis: Amir-Abdollahian

    TEHRAN, Apr. 23 (MNA) – Parliament Speaker’s Special Aide for International Affairs Hossein Amir-Abdollahian has said Iranian government and Parliament strongly condemn Saudi aggression in Yemen, adding that "Yemeni crisis has no military solution."

  • rrrrr 2018-04-23 17:45

    FM spox:

    Exacerbating bombing of Yemeni residential areas, ‘sign of desperation of intruders’

    TEHRAN, Apr. 23 (MNA) –Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Bahram Ghassemi said that intensification of bombardment of residential areas in Yemen demonstrates the complete desperation and failure of intruders in this impoverished country to achieve their malicious objectives.

  • ملک سلمان 2018-04-23 16:44

    Confusion over recent shooting in Saudi royal palace

    TEHRAN, Apr. 23 (MNA) – A source inside the Saudi royal palace has rejected the Saudi government’s report on yesterday’s shooting, saying no toy drone was involved but there were a group of armed people attacking the palace with light weapons.

  • بمباران یمن 2018-04-23 10:06

    Saudi warplanes target Yemen wedding ceremony

    TEHRAN, Apr. 23 (MNA) – Reports coming from Yemen say Saudi Arabia’s warplanes have once again attacked a wedding ceremony in Yemen, killing and wounding at least 50 people.

  • دکتر محمدجواد ظریف 2018-04-23 09:27

    Zarif in an interview with Al-Monitor:

    US weapons fail to bring Yemenis to their knees

    TEHRAN, Apr. 23 (MNA) – Iranian foreign minister has said that the United States and Saudis have not been able to bring the Yemenis to their knees through their heavy bombardment and arms.

  • ملک سلمان 2018-04-22 08:46

    Saudi forces shoot down toy drone near royal palace amid heavy gunfire in Riyadh

    TEHRAN, Apr. 22 (MNA) – Saudi police have shot down a toy drone flying over the royal palace amid heavy gunfire on Saturday.

  • بهرام قاسمی 2018-04-21 19:26

    Ghasemi condemns US human rights report as partial, politicized, rejected

    TEHRAN, Apr. 21 (MNA) – Bahram Ghasemi, the Spokesman of Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, denounced, on Saturday, the latest report of Department of State on human rights as a partial,  politicized, and rejected report.

  • sssss 2018-04-18 11:05

    US, UK engaged in bloody trade in Yemen

    TEHRAN, Apr. 18 (MNA) – Permanent Representatives of US and UK, during the Security Council open briefing on Yemen on 17 April 2018 repeated their derogatory allegations about Iran to cover up their own role in the disastrous situation created in Yemen. Iran categorically rejects those allegations as baseless propaganda.

  • syria 2018-04-15 14:41

    By: Mohammad Ghaderi

    Washington’s biggest mistake in Syria

    TEHRAN, Apr. 15 (MNA) – US, UK and French air strikes in Syria has attracted the attention of many media outlets and analysts. The US, despite Trump’s claims, has carried out a limited attack on the Middle Eastern country, but its consequences will certainly affect Trump and his allies in the near future. The issue can be analyzed from various angles.

  • علی لاریجانی در صحن مجلس 2018-04-15 10:15


    US-led strikes on Syria merely 'a show of bully tactics’

    TEHRAN, Apr. 15 (MNA) – Parl. Speaker Ali Larijani said Sun. that the recent attack by the United States, Britain and France against Syria, while contravening international law, was merely a show of ‘bullying tactics’.

  • سید حسن نصرالله 2018-04-13 21:15


    Israel made own biggest mistake by attacking Syria’s air base

    TEHRAN, Apr. 13 (MNA) – Secretary General of Hezbollah movement said on Friday that Israel made its biggest mistake by attacking Iranian forces in Syria as it started a war with powerful Iran by doing that.

  • آیت الله امامی کاشانی 2018-04-13 16:04

    Senior cleric:

    S Arabia, Zionists want Muslims to abandon Islamic beliefs

    TEHRAN, Apr. 13 (MNA) – Tehran provisional Friday Prayers leader condemned what he called a coalition among Saudis, Americans, and Zionists to force Muslims to abandon their religious beliefs.

  • بهرام قاسمی سخنگوی وزارت امور خارجه 2018-04-11 20:21

    Saudi rulers symbols of aggression, crime in ME: Iran

    TEHRAN, Apr. 11 (MNA) – Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Bahram Ghasemi says the current rulers of Saudi Arabia have turned themselves into symbols of aggression and crime in the Middle East.

  • breaking news 2018-04-11 19:40

    Blasts hit Saudi capital Riyadh

    TEHRAN, Apr. 11 (MNA) – loud blasts were heard to hit the Saudi Arabia capital, main stream news outlets reported.

  • بهرام قاسمی 2018-04-11 19:26

    Saudi rulers, along Zionists epitomes of aggression, murder in ME: Ghasemi

    TEHRAN, Apr. 11 (MNA) – Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Bahram Ghasemi condemned the new remarks of Saudi crown prince and advised the Saudi rulers to take heed of history and see how murderers and criminal dictators of the region were toppled.

  • پهپاد 2018-04-11 17:43

    Yemen's air defense forces conduct airstrikes on Saudi oil facility 

    TEHRAN, Apr. 11 (MNA) – Yemen’s air defense forces have announced on Wednesday that it had conducted air strikes using drone planes targeting a facility belonging to the Saudi Aramco in the southern region of Jizan.

  • بمباران یمن 2018-04-09 19:42

    Saudi-led airstrike kills at least 15 civilians

    TEHRAN, Apr. 09 (MNA) – MNA Correspondent in Yemen called Tehran on Monday reporting that a new Saudi airstrike has claimed the lives of at least 15 members of a family and injured around 5 other civilians.

  • امیر حاتمی 2018-04-09 15:13

    Saudi crown prince trapped in illusion of power: Hatami

    TEHRAN, Apr. 09 (MNA) – Brigadier General Amir Hatami, who visited Moscow to attend an international security conference, told the local media in an interview that Saudi crown prince is acting like Saddam, George W. Bush Jr., and others who felt powerful.

  • عبدالرضا رحمانی فضلی وزیر کشور 2018-04-08 10:41

    Interior min.:

    Iran strongest regional power fighting terrorism

    TEHRAN, Apr. 08 (MNA) – Iran is the strongest and biggest power in the region that is fighting against terrorism, according to Iran’s interior minister, adding that Iran has played a major role in stabilizing the region.

  • سیندی وسترگارد و جکی کمپفر 2018-04-08 08:49

    Possible Saudi-US nuclear agreement to include “gold standard “: Experts

    TEHRAN, Apr. 08 (MNA) – Stimson’s experts believe that the United States will want a nuclear cooperation agreement with Saudi Arabia, including the ‘gold standard.

  • بهرام قاسمی 2018-04-06 18:28

    Saudi crown prince illiterate of history, geography: FM Spox

    TEHRAN, Apr. 06 (MNA) – “The claims of Saudi crown prince show the fact that he had studied neither history nor geography,” said Bahram Ghasemi, the Spokesman of Iranian Foreign Ministry on Friday.

  • خاتمی 2018-04-06 18:07

    Saudi regime should be trialed: cleric

    TEHRAN, Apr. 06 (MNA) – Ayatollah seyyed Ahmad Khatami condemned Saudi regime’s crimes against civilians in Yemen and called for trial of the heads of the kingdom, during the second sermon of this week’s Friday Prayers in Tehran.

  • محمدجواد ظریف 2018-04-06 10:10

    FM Zarif:

    US, allies accomplice with Zionists murdering women, children

    TEHRAN, Apr. 06 (MNA) – Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif addressed the the NAM Ministerial Committee on Palestine on Thursday and condemned states supporting “savage moves of the Israeli regime”.