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'Deal of century' doomed to failure: IRGC

'Deal of century' doomed to failure: IRGC

TEHRAN, Feb. 01 (MNA) – In a statement on Saturday, IRGC announced that Trump's 'Deal of century' has no end other than failure and will be thrown into the garbage bin of history.

Calling for confrontation with the American-Zionist deal, IRGC said the deal is a way for providing legitimacy to the fake Zionist regime, ruling the occupied lands in Palestine, halting the return of the refugees to their homeland and disarmament of Hamas.

"The deal is one of the greatest crimes and treacheries in the contemporary era," the statement said.

The deal of the century will not lead to the security and stability of the Zionist regime, rather it will ignite the flame of Palestinians' wrath and grudge against the Zionist regime more than before, it added.

IRGC urged the Islamic countries and their armed forces to make a great and historic decision and stand against the proposed plan not to  leave the oppressed Palestinian nation alone against the occupiers.

The statement named Palestine as the red line of the Islamic Ummah.

It referred to proposal of the the Islamic Revolution Leader Ayatollah Khamenei, i.e. "Palestine from the sea to the river, the return of Palestinian refugees and holding free and comprehensive elections", as the legal and most practical solution for Palestine.

On January 29, The Twitter account of the Islamic Revolution Leader Ayatollah Khamenei republished his views in Farsi towards the so-called Deal of the Century.

“On the other hand, there is the issue of Palestine and the satanic and malicious policy that the US has adopted regarding Palestine. They have referred to it as ‘the deal of the century’. Of course, they should know that by Allah’s favor, this ‘deal of the century,’ which they [USA and allies] have come up with, will never materialize. Despite the foolish desires of American officials who are killing themselves to do something on the issue of Palestine, the issue of Palestine will not be consigned to oblivion, and the Holy City of Bait-ul Muqaddas will continue to be the capital of Palestine: it will remain the first qiblah for Muslims.”

“The delusions that they have – they think that they can usurp Bayt-ul Muqaddas, and they say that the top, the bottom, and the depth of the city, all its areas ranging from the east to the west, should be in the hands of the Jews – are a load of nonsense. Their desires will not happen, and the Palestinian nation will stand up against the enemies' goals, and all Muslim nations will stand behind the Palestinian nation. By Allah’s favor, they will not let the enemies' desires materialize.”


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