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  • فلیف کواسویچ 2018-02-15 10:54

    Trump’s new nuclear doctrine just rhetoric: Expert

    TEHRAN, Feb. 15 (MNA) – Prof. Filip Kovacevic believes Trump’s new nuclear doctrine and threats against Russia is just campaign rhetoric because any kind of use of nuclear weapons against Russia or against its allies would quickly lead to mutual destruction.

  • رایان کاستلو 2018-02-14 16:15

    EU, US congress agreement on JCPOA possibility low: Costello

    TEHRAN, Feb. 14 (MNA) – NIAC assistant policy says given Europe's commitment to the JCPOA, the division of the US Congress and, the likelihood of an agreement on changes to the JCPOA emerging appears low.

  • Bahram Ghasemi 2018-02-11 16:26

    US presence in other states ‘a recipe for disaster’: Ghasemi

    TEHRAN, Feb. 11 (MNA) – Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Bahram Ghasemi says that US is playing a destructive role in other countries.

  • Mousavian 2018/02/10

    By: Seyed Hossein Mousavian, Sina Toossi

    Dangerous escalation: why Trump's pressure tactics won't work on Iran

    TEHRAN, Feb. 10 (MNA) – President Donald Trump in his State of the Union address called on Congress to “address the fundamental flaws in the terrible Iran nuclear deal,” echoing a previous statement that he would walk away from the accord unless Congress and Europe agreed to new restrictions on Iran. The fate of the deal now rests on how Europe and America respond to each other and to Iran.

  • امیر موسوی 2018-02-09 17:34

    Army cmdr.:

    Psychological operations, cyberspace at forefront of confronting enemies in combined war

    TEHRAN, Feb. 9 (MNA) – Iran’s army commander says the enemies are waging a mixture of a psychological and an armed war against the country, warning that the cyberspace is at the forefront of the new version of war.

  • Richard Nephew 2018-02-06 19:11

    Europe to not accept Trump’s conditions for JCPOA: Nephew

    TEHRAN, Feb. 06 (MNA) – Richard Nephew, an American sanctions expert holds that neither Europe nor Iran will accept Trump’ conditions for the JCPOA.

  • hhh 2018-02-06 11:09

    An intl. lawyer reveals:

    US govt could not use even one JCPOA paragraph against Iran

    TEHRAN, Feb. 5 (MNA) – Reza Nasri, an international lawyer, said “US government under Trump has not even been able to benefit from only one paragraph of the nuclear deal, inked between Iran and six world’s major powers, for its alleged excuses against the Islamic Republic of Iran.”

  • macron 2018/02/05

    French approach to JCPOA is paradoxical

    TEHRAN, Feb. 05 (MNA) – Foreign Policy Commentator, Hanif Ghaffari, is touching upon the approach undertaken by the French in regards with Iran nuclear agreement of 2015.

  • دکتر محمدجواد ظریف 2018-02-04 09:23


    US nukes bringing humankind closer to annihilation

    TEHRAN, Feb. 04 (MNA) – Iran’s Foreign Minister Zarif said Sat. night that the recently published US Nuclear Posture Review reflects greater reliance on nukes in violation of the Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT).

  • Spain 2018-02-03 14:41

    Iran amb. to Spain:

    Trump attack on JCPOA aims to scare European countries

    MADRID, Feb. 03 (MNA) – Iran’s Ambassador to Spain Mohammad Hassan Fadaei-Fard said Trump seeks to scare European countries of entering Iranian market by attacking JCPOA.

  • نادر انتصار 2018-02-03 11:04

    Prof. Entessar:

    Trump's administration aims to weaken Iran

    TEHRAN, Feb. 03 (MNA) – Professor Nader Entessar from South Alabama University says that “the Trump Administration's overriding concern is to weaken Iran and, ultimately, bring about a regime change in the country.” 

  • نشست خبری عباس عراقچی 2018-02-02 15:06

    US after violating JCPOA from beginning: Deputy FM

    TEHRAN, Feb. 02 (MNA) – Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister Seyyed Abbas Araghchi said on Friday that the Americans did not intend to abide by the letters of the JCPOA from the very beginning.

  • کابینه یازدهم 2018-02-01 16:24

    Rouhani to US:

    How about returning Iranians’ seized properties?

    KERMAN, Feb.1 (MNA) – Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani, while dismissing as sham the US’ ‘compassion’ for the Iranian nation, said Washington needs first to return people’s confiscated properties to prove its sincerity.

  • امیر عبداللهیان 2018-02-01 15:06


    US blackmailing Iran by taking JCPOA hostage

    TEHRAN, Feb.1 (MNA) – Iranian official Hossein Amir-Abdollahian said Thu. that Washington is blackmailing Tehran by taking the 2015 nuclear deal hostage, referring to US constant threats to withdraw from the agreement.

  • محمدجواد ظریف 2018-01-31 10:23

    FM Zarif slams US arms sales to non-democratic tyrannies

    TEHRAN, Jan. 31 (MNA) – The recent tweet of Iranian FM Zarif hints to Saudi Arabia, a monarchy with no democracy that is the closest ally of US in the region and buys American bombs to bombard Yemeni civilians.

  • علاءالدین بروجردی 2018-01-30 10:21

    Trump's sabotage to undermine JCPOA 'inadmissible'

    TEHRAN, Jan. 30 (MNA) – Chairman of Iran's Parliament National Security and Foreign Policy Commission Alaeddin Boroujerdi condemned on Monday Trump's disruptive acts against JCPOA.

  • محمدجواد ظریف 2018-01-30 09:04


    Trump’s fake evidence aimed at creating Iranophobia

    TEHRAN, Jan. 30 (MNA) – Iranian foreign minister has responded to US administration’s accusations about Iran providing Yemen’s Ansarallah fighters with ballistic missiles, calling them an attempt to spread Iranophobia by fabricated evidence.

  • ترامپ با نمایندگان کشورهای عضو شورای امنیت 1 2018-01-30 08:45

    Trump accuses Iran of 'destabilizing' efforts

    TEHRAN, Jan. 30 (MNA) – President Donald Trump today accused Iran of destabilizing the Middle East, as his United Nations ambassador sought to bolster that argument by showing fellow envoys what she said was debris from an Iranian missile fired at Saudi Arabia.

  • مصاحبه با هاپتون سفیر انگلیستان 2018-01-30 00:03

    UK envoy talks JCPOA, bilateral ties, Tehran protests, Nazanin Zaghari

    TEHRAN, Jan. 30 (MNA) – Commenting on various issues such as the JCPOA, bilateral ties, Tehran protests and Nazanin Zaghari, Nicholas Hopton, British ambassador to Tehran says despite all challenges Tehran-London relationship is heading in the right direction.

  • zarif 2018-01-28 19:21


    Europeans’ policy of appeasement towards US over JCPOA to fail

    TEHRAN, Jan. 28 (MNA) –Iranian foreign minister described Iran’s nuclear deal as a product of EU’s foreign policy, saying that appeasing the US pressures to incorporate Iran’s missiles in the deal “will not work.”

  • علاءالدین بروجردی 2018-01-28 19:06

    IRGC successful in foiling ISIL operations in W Iran: MP

    TEHRAN, Jan. 28 (MNA) – Chairman of Iran's Parliament National Security and Foreign Policy Commission Alaeddin Boroujerdi said on Sunday that IRGC, intelligence ministry, and border guards have so far been successful in countering ISIL terrorists.

  • Nikki Haley 2018/01/28

    By: Mohammad Ghaderi

    Lady diplomat puts on new show to grab attention

    TEHRAN, Jan. 28 (MNA) – US Ambassador to the United Nations continues to spew forth inflammatory rhetoric against Iran.

  • Trump 2018/01/27

    By: Hanif Ghaffari

    US weak domestic policy reflection on US foreign policy

    TEHRAN, Jan. 27 (MNA) – US President Donald Trump has arrived at the Davos Summit in Switzerland to participate in the World Economic Forum (WEF) with other world leaders such as UK Prime Minister Theresa May and French President Emmanuel Macron.

  • Bennett Johnston 2018-01-26 22:08

    By: Javad Heirannia

    Nixing JCPOA against US, Iran interests: former senator

    TEHRAN, Jan. 26 (MNA) – Bennett Johnston, former US senator, tells Heirannia of Mehr News that he believes leaving the nuclear deal of 2015 is against the interests of Iran and US.

  • مالباختگان موسسات مالی و اعتباری 2018-01-26 17:32

    By: Mohammad Maz'hari

    Targeting Iran’s security, new phase in soft war

    TEHRAN, Jan. 26 (MNA) – Iran saw some surprising events for a week starting 28 December when protests broke out in Mashhad, northeastern Iran. A group of people in the city lost their money as a result of the collapse of unlicensed credit and finance institutions in recent years and gathered at the Shohada square, criticizing Iranian state economic performance.

  • al habib 2018-01-26 10:54

    Iran's amb. to UN:

    Israeli regime core of ME crises

    TEHRAN, Jan. 26 (MNA) – Iran's Ambassador to United Nations Es'hagh Al Habib said on Thursday that occupation of the Palestinian land is the core and central of all conflicts in the Middle East.

  • اردوغان و ترامپ 2018-01-25 10:42

    Erdogan calls on Trump to stop arm supply to terrorists in Syria

    TEHRAN, Jan. 25 (MNA) – Turkey's President Erdogan and US President Trump held a phne conversation on Wednesday during which Erdogan demanded US to halt supplying the terrorists in Syria with arms.

  • فرهنگ جهان پور 2018-01-24 17:24

    JCPOA not bilateral agreement between Iran, US: Professor

    TEHRAN, Jan. 24 (MNA) –Professor Farhang Jahanpour, part-time tutor on the Middle East in the Department of Continuing Education at the University of Oxford, tells that “President Trump’s recent speech on Iran was the most belligerent speech by any US president about Iran since the Iranian revolution.”

  • Ghasemi 2018-01-24 12:22

    FM spox:

    N-deal exposed US’ decades-long fabrications against Iran

    TEHRAN, Jan. 24 (MNA) – FM spokesman Ghasemi said Wed. that Iran has never sought nuclear weapons and never will, adding that JCPOA has exposed the US’ decades-long practice of fabrication against Iran to the world.

  • Trump 2018-01-24 11:59

    Thousands protest in Switzerland against Trump’s visit

    TEHRAN, Jan. 24 (MNA) – Thousands of protesters marched across Switzerland against Trump’s scheduled visit to the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos later this week.