Resolving misunderstandings with IAEA Iran's serious policy

TEHRAN, May 08 (MNA) – Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Nasser Kan'ani says that the country's serious policy is to resolve problems and misunderstandings with the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).

In his weekly press conference on Monday, Kan'ani touched upon the latest regional and international issues.

Resolving misunderstandings with IAEA Iran's serious policy

Speaking about Iran's relations with IAEA, Kan'ani said that Iran's serious policy is to resolve problems and misunderstandings with the agency.

"Iran is moving according to the road map that was reached during Grossi's trip to Tehran, and in this framework, executive and operational measures have been defined and we are moving forward," he emphasized.

Raeisi visit to Syria celebration of Resistance axis victory

Speaking of the recent visit of Iranian President Ebrahim Raeisi to Syria, Kan'ani considered the visit one of the most important events in Tehran-Damascus relations.

The senior Iranian diplomat further noted that the visit had a message, and was practically a celebration of the joint victory of the Axis of Resistance.

Welcoming Syria's readmission into the Arab League, Kan'ani stressed, "We hope to see the convergence of the countries of the region."

Elsewhere in his remarks, the Iranian foreign ministry spokesman spoke about the upcoming quadrilateral meeting between the foreign ministers of Iran, Russia, Syria, and Turkey, saying that Iran's top diplomat Hossein Amir-Abdollahian will travel to Moscow to take part in the meeting. 

The meeting, in which the four top diplomats are set to discuss the Syrian issues, is slated to be held on May 10.

Kan'ani once again reiterated Iran's position regarding the issue and emphasized the need for settling the differences between Syria and Turkey through political means.

Later in his remarks, Kan'ani touched upon the status of Iran's relations with Arab countries after the recent Tehran-Riyadh agreement, saying that favorable leaps were seen in the commercial and economic fields in this regard.

Saying that the positive events that happened in the process of bilateral relations between Iran and Saudi Arabia, the UAE, and Kuwait, he said that the relations between Iran and the countries of the region are on a new upward trend.

He added that Tehran will surely take positive measures wherever it sees an opportunity that secures the joint interests of Iran and other regional countries.

Iran urges Iraq for resolving Iran's security concerns

Kan'ani also touched upon the agreement between Iran and Iraq regarding the security of borders with the Iraqi Kurdistan region. 

"In the framework of the document that was reached between the heads of the security agencies of Iran and Iraq, we defined a specific framework to resolve Iran's security concerns, and within the same framework, communications and consultations are established, and we expect that based on the signed agreement and the declared will of the authorities of the two countries, the path will proceed seriously and we will witness the provision of Iran's needs and the resolution of Iran's security concerns," he stressed.

Iran, Azerbaijan relations unbreakable

Answering a question about the unfriendly remarks of Azeri president Ilham Aliyev, Kan'ani cited that Tehran has expressed its views on relations with Azerbaijan clearly. "The relations between the two nations are unbreakable and have deep cultural and historical roots."

Kan'ani also called on the Azeri side to avoid taking actions or adopting positions that are not in the interests of the two countries and serve the interests of the parties who want to create tension and crisis in Tehran-Baku ties.

The senior Iranian diplomat went on to say that Iran is willing to resolve the issues of dispute with the Azeri side through diplomacy and emphasizes diplomatic methods to protect the interests of the two countries and good neighborliness.

Iran to decisively respond to any aggressive action

Kan'ani, elsewhere, reacted to the remarks of the US National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan who recently claimed that the Zionist regime has the freedom of action to act against Iran’s nuclear program.

"The American government should be aware of the legal and judicial responsibility of such statements. Iran's nuclear activities are peaceful and we are a member of the Agency (IAEA) and NPT, and Iran's activities are under the supervision of the Agency," he stressed.

Saying that Sullivan's claims regarding Iran's peaceful nuclear program are contrary to IAEA's reports, Kan'ani stressed, "We do not accept baseless claims about Iran's nuclear activities."

Iran will not tolerate any aggression towards its interests, security, and assets and will respond decisively to any aggressive action, he added.


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