West purposefully destroys European security system

TEHRAN, Aug. 16 (MNA) – The collective West is purposefully destroying the European security system, Russian President Vladimir Putin said in his address to participants and guests of the Moscow Conference on International Security.

“Western globalist elites are provoking chaos by rekindling old and inciting new conflicts, implementing a policy of so-called containment, while in fact undermining any alternative, sovereign paths of development. Thus, they are desperately trying to preserve the hegemony and power that are slipping out of their grasp, trying to keep countries and peoples in the grip of a neo-colonial order,” Putin stated.

The Russian President emphasized that this “hegemony” was fraught with stagnation for the whole world, for the entire civilization.

“Any means are used. The United States and its vassals rudely interfere in the internal affairs of sovereign states by organizing provocations, coup d'état and civil wars. Threats, blackmail, and pressure are resorted to in a bid to force independent states to submit to their will.”

According to the Russian President, all this is done with one goal - to maintain global dominance, Sputnik reported.

"The so-called collective West is purposefully destroying the European security system, putting together new military alliances. The NATO bloc is expanding East, building up its military infrastructure, deploying missile defense systems and increasing the strike capabilities of its offensive forces," Putin underscored.

The Russian President pointed out that these actions are being hypocritically justified by the need to strengthen security in Europe, but in reality, just the opposite is happening. At the same time, proposals on mutual security measures put forward by Russia in December last year were yet again ignored, he said.

According to the Russian leader, the collective West needs conflict to maintain hegemony. That is why the people of Ukraine were allotted the fate of “cannon fodder”.

“Implementing the “anti-Russia” project, they turned a blind eye to the spread of neo-Nazi ideology, the massacres of the inhabitants of Donbass, while continuously pumping the Kyiv regime with weapons, including heavy armaments,” said Vladimir Putin.

Under these conditions, stressed the Russian President, the decision was taken to launch a special military operation in Ukraine in full accordance with the Charter of the United Nations.

“The goals of this operation are clearly and precisely defined: to ensure the security of Russia and our citizens, to protect the inhabitants of Donbass from genocide.”

Referencing the current developments, the president pointed to glaring proof that the US was trying to prolong the Ukraine conflict.

Weighing in on the spiraling tensions around Taiwan, the Russian President said that the United States had yet again intentionally tried to "add fuel to the fire."

“The American reckless gamble in relation to Taiwan is not just a visit by an individual irresponsible politician, but part of a purposeful, conscious US strategy to destabilize… the situation in the region and the world, a brazen demonstration of disrespect for the sovereignty of other countries and for its international obligations. We see this as a carefully planned provocation," Putin said.

Vladimir Putin told the gathering that Russia will continue to strengthen its armed forces, ensure national interests and protect allies, while also taking other steps to build a more democratic world.

Putin stressed that only a multipolar world built on international law opens up new opportunities for combating common threats, reducing global tension and ensuring sustainable development of all countries. To achieve this, it is necessary to restore respect for international law, its fundamental norms and principles, and strengthen the positions of such universal structures as the United Nations and other international dialogue platforms, Putin concluded.


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