America's political territory dwindling, witnessing failures

TEHRAN, Jul. 31 (MNA) – The IRGC commander-in-chief Major General Salami said Sun. that America's power and influence is in decline, adding that Washington is retreating from the region as it witnesses failures everywhere.

Major General Hossein Salami made the comments in an IRGC ceremony on Sunday during which he added that the Islamic Revolution led by late Imam Khomeini has grown stronger despite all the problems and difficulties as well as the psychological warfare waged by the enemy.

The IRGC chief added that the Islamic Revolution is advancing on both different fronts of mind (soft power) and the geographical, political and economic front (hard power), the impact of which can be seen around the world.

On the contrary, Major General Salami pointed to the failure of the US sanctions in the the form of Trump-era "Maximum Pressure Campaign" against Tehran and said that "When we are in an economic war, but we don't look to be a defeated country, this is a sign of victory and a manifestation of the fact that people believe that the country is moving towards getting stronger, progress and being aspiring in the military, political and cultural fields."

Salami also pointed to the US failures in Afghanistan and its withdrawal from the country and said, "It is a fact that the enemy is retreating from the trenches that it had created in the depths of the human mind and geography."

He also pointed out that the United States has lost power to create dependent governments and underscored that "America's political territory is dwindling and witnessing failures."

In addition to the disgraceful US exit from Afghanistan, he also pointed to the US failures in Syria and Egypt and said, "Look at the big plans and plots that were designed by the Zionist regime, but were pushed to be put aside. These cases are signs that announce a big event, which is the failure of America."

The IRGC Commander-in-Chief emphasized that today "neither Saudi Arabia can do anything for America, nor America for Saudi Arabia," adding, "Saudi Arabia, which used to help America with money, has lost its ability to solve its economic problems today."

He went on to point to the US president's recent West Asia tour and said, "Joe Biden returned home from his recent trip to the region with no achievements."

General Salami also said that the Islamic Revolution has spread its power to the Mediterranean Sea's coasts today while the enemy is desperate and does not know with to do with growing Iran and Islam's power.


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