US anti-Iran sanctions to fail as they will push oil prices higher: Nasrallah

TEHRAN, Apr. 22 (MNA) – Leader of Lebanon’s resistance movement Hezbollah says the US sanctions on Iran oil will fail as the prices will sharply rise as a result of less supply in the market and given the same sanctions on Venezuela.

Leader of Lebanon’s Resistance movement Hezbollah delivered a speech on Monday, during which he talked about different issues, from the political process in Lebanon to the newly-released US statement on sanctions waivers on Iran’s oil exports as well as the Saudi-led coalition aggression against the Yemeni people.

At the start of his address to the audience, Hassan Nasrallah called for cooperation and unity among all Lebanese factions.

 Leader of Lebanon’s resistance movement said that Hezbollah prepares a number of draft solutions for Lebanon’s economic crisis.

He added that resolving Lebanon’s problems requires patience and efforts by all factions.

Later, the Hezbollah chief rejected possibility for Zionist war on Lebanon as ‘unlikely’, giving some reasons for his opinion.

He said that there will not be an Israeli war on Lebanon because the Israeli homefront is not ready for a war. They do not have the ability to confront the rockets from Gaza, the Hezbollah chief added.

If Israel wants to achieved its goals is a ground offensive and a large scale war, according to Nasrallah, adding that but “Israeli is not ready for any aggression against Lebanon.”

Meanwhile, he said that Israel is an enemy, a greedy enemy, so any scenarios should be taken into account.

“I personally think that there is no possibility for Zionist war on Lebanon,” he, however, stated.

With regard to the news on recent clashes between Iranian and Russian troops with Hezbollah fighters’ involvement in Syria’s Aleppo, Nasrallah rejected the claim as lies, saying that there were no clashes between the allies in Syria.

He further said that Saudi-backed media are spreading lies and illusions about Hezbollah and Iran as well as the region.

Elsewhere in his remarks, the Hezbollah leader slammed the US sanction on Iran oil exports saying that there are some countries that need Iranian oil and they will not abide by the US sanctions.

The sanctions will lead to less supply and the prices will go up, he noted.

He further said that the US aggression, tyranny and arrogance is not just targeting Iran but it is also against the world.

US sanctions are an aggression against the whole world. It is for the sake of the whole world not just the people of Iran, to oppose the US aggression, according to Nasrallah. He called on the people of the world to break their silence and call for a halt to US aggression and sanctioning policy.

He further called on the world people to stand up against US arrogance. He added that the US sanctions on Iran oil exports will have negative consequences, even on the US itself.

The Hezbollah chief further said that the US aggression and anti-Iran, Syria and Palestine policy should be stopped.

He, elsewhere, referred to the US support for Saudi Arabia’s aggression on Yemen, saying that the US is the biggest enemy. He added that the Takfiri groups, Saudi Arabi and UAE and Israel are a tool in the hands of the US.

He also pointed out that US tyrannical government has no respect for international law.

The Hezbollah leader also slammed Saudi Arabia and UAE for following US in aggression against Iran.

He further noted that there are attempts for religious wars in the region for the benefit of Zionist regime.


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