Guterres’ call for Hezbollah's disarmament an Israeli plan

TEHRAN, May 07 (MNA) – Vice President of the Executive Council of Hezbollah Sheikh Ali Damoush said that Hezbollah holds weapon because of existence of Zionist Regime and as long as they exist, the demands for disarmament are meaningless.

In recent days, UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres has issued a report demanding the disarmament of Hezbollah in Lebanon. Guterres mentioned in this report that he called upon Hezbollah and other militant group to halt military activities inside and outside Lebanon in accordance with United Nations Security Council resolution 1559. He also called on Lebanese government to prevent Hezbollah owning weapons.

Guterres also pointed out to Iran in this report, adding that countries which have close ties with Hezbollah should encourage them to disarm and become a comprehensive political organization.

To shed more light on the issue Mehr News reached out to Sheikh Ali Damoush, Vice President of the Executive Council of Hezbollah.

Following is the full text of our interview with him:

What is your response to UN Secretary General’s request, and to what extent do you think this request is in line with the interests of the Zionists and the US?

The Israelis carried out some attacks against Lebanon with the aim of destroying the Resistance and disarming Hezbollah, but failed to disarm them through the war. UN Secretary General should request Israel to withdraw from the occupied Shebaa farms instead of calling on Lebanese government for the disarmament of Hezbollah.

The reason why Hezbollah holds weapon is existence of Zionist Regime and as long as they exist, the demands for disarmament are meaningless. Generally, Guterres’s demand is, in fact, an American-Israeli request.

What is your analysis about the recent Zionist aggression and attacks on the Gaza Strip and the possibility of a major military conflict in the region in the future?

The attack on the Gaza Strip is not a new issue, and the Zionists are accustomed to attacking the Gaza Strip and Palestinian people.  In this regards, the Palestinians have the right to defend their rights against Zionist.

Today, the Palestinian Resistance is strong and can respond to Israeli attacks. The Israelis are not even able to continue their attacks because they know that the Resistance groups have the capabilities that can deter the enemy. Therefore, we believe that this war will not spread.

What is your opinion about US sanctions against Iran and how successful you assess them?

In recent days, Leader of the Islamic Republic of Iran said that Iran would insist on opposing the US sanctions and also oil exports, and I believe that the US is not able to bring Iran's oil exports to zero. This is a clear failure of the US sanctions policy against Iran.

Americans must understand that Iran has not succumbed despite pressure and sanctions and blockade over the last decades. Iran's strategy of patience and tolerance is the best and strongest strategy against sanctions.

How can the  US “Deal of the Century” project be stopped?

It is possible to break the project of “Deal of the Century” through the adherence of all Palestinian strata and groups to the entire territory of Palestine and Jerusalem. If the Palestinians adhere to this principle, the project of “Deal of the Century” will not come true.

Interview by Mohammad Fateminia


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