Trump’s unprecedented illegal move against IRGC

TEHRAN, Apr. 10 (MNA) –To designate Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) as a terrorist organization is the last illegal unprecedented move of US President Donald Trump against IRGC as a 40 years old segment of an internationally recognized state.

Labeling part of a recognized state as a terrorist organization does not comply with the international law and the charter of the United Nations. USA’s regional allies such as Saudi Arabia are supporting this move because they see the Trump’s move in favor of their regional ambitions.

All the US administration’s moves in the Middle East despite global opposition including the White House decision on the holly city of Jerusalem, recognition of Golan Heights as a Israel territory, supporting the YPG despite Turkey’s warnings and strengthening the embargoes on Iran makes two things crystal clear once again. Firstly, US is not withdrawing from the region just changing its tools and secondly tensions will increase in the Middle East. Power is still the ultimate source. From a realist perspective, interests of a country can comes first than global acceptance or values. But world is changing also Middle East.

Iran’s response to Trump’s decision was quick. Iran declared CENTCOM as a terrorist organization. Iranian foreign Minister Javad Zarif described the US move as “a gift to Netanyahu” and said, “It is another gift to Israel and US misadventure for the region”.

Another question coming into mind is that, “How can this decision be taken when IRGC forces support the fight against ISIL?”

This kind of tries, is an effort for the balance of power in the region. USA tries to roll back Iran. Essentially, efforts like this are dangerous and may result in increasing the tensions. It has to be realized that these policies no longer valid.

As a result, this is a fact that regional peace is not related to these kind of moves and they will just increase the tensions. For the benefit of the regional countries, Iran will defeat these aggressive moves via wisdom and calmness.

Hazar vural is a Middle East expert & researcher in Turkey based TASAM think tank.

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