Ghasemi urges France not to act under influences

TEHRAN, Nov. 11 (MNA) – Iranian Foreign ministry Spokesman, Bahram Ghasemi, reacted to anti-Iran remarks of French President who was visiting Persian Gulf states of UAE and KSA.

 “We expect France not to get inculcated by the wrong instructions of some Persian Gulf states against the Islamic Republic of Iran,” said Bahram Ghasemi after urging French President Macron to be fair, realistic, and far-sighted in dealing with the developments of the sensitive regions of the Middle East and the Persian Gulf.

The Iranian diplomat made the remarks after French President Emmanuel Macron took anti-Iran positions during his visits to Persian Gulf states of UAE and Saudi Kingdom. During his visit to UAE, French president attended the opening ceremony of Emeriti Louvre which brought $520 million for the French just for Abu Dhabi to use the Louvre name.

“The French president perfectly knows that making such claims against the Islamic Republic of Iran fits no reality of the past decades’ realities in the Middle East,” highlighted the Iranian diplomat.

“Responsible approach would oblige France to convince its regional allies to undertake more shrewd approaches and policies free from sentimentalism,” articulated Mr. Ghasemi.

“We have repeatedly told French officials that the JCPOA is non-negotiable and it is never permitted to infuse new issues in the agreement, notwithstanding the point that France is aware of Iran’s firm stance in non-negotiability of defensive capabilities,” ascertained the spokesperson of Iranian ministry of foreign affairs.

“UN reports on exacerbating humanitarian crisis in Yemen should not be ignored,” said Mr. Ghasemi expressing deep regret at how the westerners have undertaken a meaningful silence over Saudi crimes in Yemen, incessant bombarding of civilian centers and venues, and the ruthless murder of women, children, and the innocent.

“Undoubtedly, this silence is interpreted as a green light by Saudi rulers to continue committing such anti-human crimes,” underlined the Iranian diplomat.

“The French government is expected to undertake tangible policies like forcing its regional allies to immediate halt of war and bloodshed, creating truce, and establishing peace and stability in Yemen,” Ghasemi urged the French.

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