Anti-Iran sanctions against human rights documents

TEHRAN, Oct. 25 (MNA) – Head of Iran’s High Council of Human Rights Mohammad Javad Larijiani said the US, rather than withdrawing from the N-deal, will always refuse to fulfill its obligations by "nagging" about it.

Speaking at a live IRIB program, Head of High Council of Human Rights Mohammad Javad Larijani said human rights was a "misfortunate" concept since culprits like the US, who claim to be a pioneer in defending human rights, consider unconventional interrogations as lawful and their hands are stained with blood of innocent people in countries like Yemen, Bahrain, Iraq and Syria.

“We possess a crystal-clear foundation in the Islamic Republic of Iran,” said the official, adding “we believe human dignity must be respected in human rights issues for being a divine blessing which cannot be taken away. As such, Iran would never give away its rights at the international scene. Human rights charter and relevant strategies have been previously defined and, presently, the Islamic Republic of Iran needs to challenge false methods of implementation in a bid to promote growth of cultures and prevent negligence of people’s basic rights.”

Larijani went on to add that the West was guilty of what it accused Iran of; “human rights have a profound meaning and their charges against us are baseless.”

The official said it was unacceptable that a watch conducts an interview with the BBC before starting investigations in Iran. “We welcome reporters and watches to Iran though corruption in the name of human rights will be banned by all means. During 2009 presidential election incidents, so-called defenders of human rights caused problems. The Islamic Republic of Iran considers human rights as a vast field.”

Elaborating on organizational chart of Iran’s High Council of Human Rights, Javad Larijani said the body revolved around two bills one being protest against non-observance of human rights and the other being defining solutions. "For instance, Iran has launched a guideline with the Italians with assistance of the Leader’s guidelines. We held discussions with the European side on various issues including the ones related to ‘the accused’. We compared the penal code of the accused in Iran with that of Italy and outcomes revealed that Iran enjoyed more comprehensive laws. Italians were also convinced that Islamic rationality was well-accepted in Iran and agreed to participate in further discussions."

Later into his remarks, the official said illegal sanctions wreak havoc on people’s rights; “the US imposes sanctions against countries merely because it dislikes them and restrictions against Iran are totally in contradiction with human rights documents.”

On US allegations against Iran, the official warned against being tricked by Donald Trump’s remarks. The US president has mistaken the political scene for the field of business, he said. Larijani quoted Trump who said America would destroy North Korea while he later sent the begging message through China that the US was not after destruction but negotiation. “Trump is after earning a huge profit within only four years and has repeatedly humiliated Persian Gulf littoral states by claiming that they require America’s support to survive.”

Iran’s HR chief called for knowing the other side by ignoring the words of Trump who uses the wrong type literature in his remarks. Javad Larijani stressed that US policy towards Iran was unlikely to change since they cannot withstand our independence and are after misusing the country’s resources.

He later touched upon Europe’s pressure on Iran in the case of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) explaining “major European states require no US provocation in opposing Iran’s policies. The nuclear deal will be no longer acceptable if one party leaves the agreement. Europe must know that JCPOA will be no more relevant if the US fails to fulfill its obligations. Europeans are easily affected by the US since they fear Americans and are as unreliable as them.”

The basic point is that sanctions against Iran are real while JCPOA requires lifting of all restrictions, said the official adding “we need to show to the West that Iran sanctions cause no fear for Iran.”

Larijani therefore urged the government to reduce its reliance on imports and to plan the country’s budget bill in accordance with new sanctions.

The official also invited the Parliament to strengthen the JCPOA through a resolution; “the Parliament can be of help to the government as the US Congress helps the American government. These are very clear messages to the United States. Clear messages should be practical. The government must believe in its ability to confront enemies.”

He urged the US to realize that Iran has no major or serious domestic problems; “we will stand against America, West and Europe, and will keep our national power in confronting the US. Our glory is due to the teachings of Islam and with the blessing of the nation’s presence at the scene.”

Nation, government and all organizations of Iran are fully united in the fight against enemies, underscored the official asserting “the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action was a precious experience for us to realize that the least amount of compromise needs to be made when it comes to national interests.”

Iran’s HR chief said the IRGC had challenged US interests in the region as all American plans had failed in the Middle East, Syria and Yemen.

At the end of his remarks, Javad Larijani underlined that Iran’s Judiciary would continue its legal approach by taking firm steps forward and without being involved in responding to baseless charges.


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