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Yemen conducts 3 naval operations against US, Israeli ships

Yemen conducts 3 naval operations against US, Israeli ships

TEHRAN, Jul. 10 (MNA) – The Yemeni Armed Forces announced on Tuesday that they carried out three naval military operations against the Zionist enemy, targeting American and Israeli ships.

The spokesman for the Yemeni Armed Forces Brigadier General Yahya Saree announced the execution of three operations conducted by various units of the Armed Forces in the Red Sea, Arabian Sea, and the Gulf of Aden, according to Yemen's al-Masirah network website.

These operations were carried out in support of the Palestinian people's plight and in response to the US-British aggression against our country, he said.

Brigadier General Saree explained that the three operations were carried out by the naval forces, the drone air force, and the missile force, with high-level coordination. 

They targeted the American ship Maersk Sentosa in the Arabian Sea through a joint operation by the naval forces, the missile force using several ballistic, cruise missiles, achieving direct and precise hits, he added.

Additionally, the ship Marthopolis was targeted in the Arabian Sea by several drones, he said, adding that the operation was carried out by the drone air force, with precise hits confirmed. 

He underlined that the targeting of the Marthopolis was due to the owning company's violation of the decision to prohibit entry into the ports of occupied Palestine.

The 3rd operation targeted the Israeli ship MSC Patnaree in the Gulf of Aden using several drones, he said, noting that the operation was conducted by the drone air force, successfully achieving the objective.

Brigadier General Sare'e also reaffirmed that the operations of the Yemeni Armed Forces will not cease until the aggression stops and the siege on the Palestinian people in Gaza is lifted.

He emphasized that the Yemeni Armed Forces are prepared and ready to carry out the necessary missions against all parties supporting the Israeli enemy and targeting the Yemeni people, providing military facilities to the American and Israeli enemies in their attacks on the Yemeni people.

Yemen's operations are carried out in support of Palestinians in the Gaza Strip, who are enduring a genocidal Israeli war.

The Armed Forces have vowed to sustain their operations as long as the Israeli regime keeps up the brutal military onslaught that has so far claimed the lives of nearly 38,000 Palestinians, most of them women and children.

They have also pledged to continue their strikes so long as the regime retains a 2006-present siege that it has been enforcing against Gaza, and has markedly tightened during the war.


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