Canada not authorized to report on air accidents in Iran

TEHRAN, Jun. 25 (MNA) – Deputy Foreign Minister for Legal and International Affairs Mohsen Baharvand calls Canada 'unauthorized' to interfere with air accidents in other countries including Iran.

He underscored that Canada has no jurisdiction to report or comment arbitrarily on air accidents in other countries.

Addressing the unintentional shooting down of a Ukrainian passenger plane in January 2020 by the IRGC, Baharvand noted that Canada has asserted that the Boeing 737 was shot unintentionally.

"The part of the report that criticizes the accident report of the investigation team of the Islamic Republic of Iran is technically baseless and therefore unacceptable," he said, "Iran sent a draft of its report to the countries and they also sent their comments on this report to Tehran."

The Iranian official added that experts from the United States, Britain, and France have commented positively on Iran's report and appreciated the professionalism of the country's accident investigation team.

"Canada has also submitted its technical comments as a consultant to Ukraine, and the Iranian accident investigation team has included most of the comments in its final report."

He reiterated that the views of Canada have been considered by Iran as a consultant to Ukraine once, so they are not legally qualified to impose their unilateral views on other countries.

Baharvand expressed no concern about Canada's baseless threat for referring Iran's case to the International Court of Justice, noting that Iran has fulfilled its obligations in accordance with international law.

A court in the Canadian province of Ontario has held Iran responsible for the unintentional shooting down of a Ukrainian passenger plane in January 2020, soon after it took off from Tehran.

Iran's foreign ministry spokesman said that the Canadian court does not have jurisdiction over the case of a Ukrainian airliner mistakenly shot down by the IRGC.

Khatibzadeh dismissed the Canadian court ruling as biased, politically motivated, and not based on concrete evidence.

In late May, Iranian Judiciary Spokesman Gholamhossein Esmaeili said that the Canadian court ruling over the case of a Ukrainian airliner has no legal value.

The Judiciary and the Judiciary of the Armed Forces examined the various dimensions of the plane crash in an expert manner, and the results were sent to various countries, and some countries sent their comments to Iran and their contents confirm this technical report, he said, adding that what happened in Canada is a political act, and the ruling was like a political statement.

On Jan 8, a Boeing 737 belonging to Ukraine International Airlines crashed in Tehran shortly after taking off from Iran's Imam Khomeini International Airport (IKIA) with 176 passengers and crew, mostly Iranians, onboard. 


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