Iranian journalists condemn Zionists' brutal attacks on Gaza

TEHRAN, May 16 (MNA) – In reaction to the recent Zionist regime's attacks on Palestinians and targeting the building housing media offices in Gaza Strip, Iranian journalists issued a statement and condemned the Israeli regimes brutal actions.

Condemning the recent attacks of the Zionist regime on Gaza Strips and Quds, Iranian journalist and media activists issued a statement on Sunday.

The following is the full text of the statement:

What is happening in occupied Palestine in recent days is undoubtedly contrary to all the sublime human, moral and Islamic concepts. 

Forced migration, displacement, genocide and torture, and their imprisonment and deprivation are only a small part of the true story of this land and its noble people. The unfortunate situation in which the inefficiency of international institutions, along with the passivity of Arab and Islamic organizations and the greed of some rulers in the region, has played an undeniable role in its continuation and expansion. However, the 'Al-Quds Sword' battle and the recent sweeping developments in Gaza, the West Bank, and the 1948 Territories indicate the failure of the bogus Israeli regime to fulfill its demands on the one hand and change the equation in favor of the resilient Palestinians.

With all these conspiracies and shortcomings, what should not be overlooked, along with the serious and powerful option of resistance and its effective deterrence, is the role of the media in informing the world public opinion against the actions of the Zionist regime. This is at a time when the Western media cartels, at the behest of their masters, have used all their efforts and art to distort the reality of the developments in Palestine in all the past years.

What is being seen today in opposition and demonstrations around the world, from East Asia to the heart of Europe, and the rise of campaigns such as the campaign of 'Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS)' of the Israeli regime is certainly the product of media efforts of journalists and independent media to reflect Palestinian realities and support their violated rights.

Dozens of journalists and cameramen who portrayed the legitimacy of their path and the invalidity of the idea of the Zionist occupation are the first people who made efforts in this regard. 

We, Iranian journalists and media activists, strongly condemn the criminal actions of the Zionist regime in targeting the oppressed and homeless people of Palestine, especially dozens of children and defenseless women, as well as the planned attacks on local and international media offices, including Al-Jalaa, Shorouq and Al-Jawhara towers in Gaza, drawing the attention of the international community to the violence and terrorism of the Zionist regime.

We reiterate the need for effective action by international organizations, independent international bodies and the United Nations to combat this organized crime.

As in the past, we express our support for the correct and successful idea of the resistance and the activities of the media defending the Palestinian people, which sincerely strive to achieve the ideal of the liberation of Holy Quds, and as one of our media activities, will pursue it until the final result.

We reiterate the support of the media and journalists based in Iran for assistance and synergy with our hard-working media colleagues in Gaza and all the Occupied Territories.

Undoubtedly, as the organized efforts of the Zionists and their supporters in managing some social networks to remove posts and images in support of Palestine and informing the nature of Israel's actions have failed, destroying media offices and trying to shut down the free flow of information will not work for the occupiers.

Hopefully, one day, together with independent and freedom-loving journalists from all over the world, along with our Palestinian colleagues, we will broadcast the proud news of the liberation of Palestine from the Holy Quds.


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