Iran not to hesitate to revenge for Fakhrizadeh assassination

TEHRAN, Nov. 28 (MNA) – Commenting on the assassination of top Iranian scientist, Mohsen Fakhrizadeh-Mahabadi, an Iranian expert says Iran will respond to Friday’s assassination.

Leader of Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei has called for an immediate investigation into a terrorist attack, which led to the martyrdom of a top Iranian physicist.

Also, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said: "The wild assassination of the Iranian scientist' shows that Iran's enemies are under distress for they feel their pressure on Iran is to be reduced and it is important for them to seize the upcoming few weeks to sow insecurity in the region and distract the international attention from the crime they are doing in the occupied lands."

In addition, the Commander of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps Major General Hossein Salami said a “harsh revenge” for the assassination of top Iranian scientist Mohsen Fakhrizadeh has been put on the agenda.

In an interview on Saturday, Mehr news discussed the terrorist attack with the Iranian expert on West Asian Affairs and Secretary of the Political Commission of Society for the Defence of Palestinian Nation Ahmadreza Rouhollahzad. 

What follows are his comments about the various aspects of the assassination of the Iranian scientist, who had a key role in boosting Iran's defense capabilities.

Secret meeting & assassination of Fakhrizadeh

The assassination of one the most intellectual Iranian scientists was a pre-planned measure taken by the Zionists and some regional countries. 

Last week’s trilateral secret meeting among Netanyahu, Bin Salman, and Pompeo, as some reports reveal, was held to finalize decisions against the Islamic Republic of Iran. The most significant of the accorded decisions, as experts believe, are planning acts of assassination in Iran. 

Both US and the Tel Aviv regime have repeatedly underscored the vitality of averting Iran’s nuclear activities, while MBS has announced several times that Iran will be infiltrated by war. 

This proves the cooperation among the ominous triangle of the US, Zionist regime, and Saudi Arabia against Iran. The cooperation was also witnessed in the assassination of the IRGC Commander Brig. Gen. Soleimani. 

Fakhrizadeh was assassinated by unknown attackers after a clash with his bodyguards near Tehran on Friday.

Psychological warfare & big mistake

A media propaganda has been formed to suggest that, before leaving the office, Trump is determined to take a serious measure against Iran and he has accordingly relocated the US troops in the region or has dispatched some military equipment to the region. Besides, the Zionist army is said to have been on high alert in recent days to have a confrontation with Iran.

All this is psychological warfare to set the ground proper for their malice measures in and against Iran and an introduction to the assassination of martyr Fakhrizadeh. The point is that they predict Iran to remain inactive towards such deeds and threats against its national security. 

There is no doubt that they have made a big and terrible mistake for Iran will not remain inactive. Iran will respond to Friday’s assassination as it did react to the martyrdom of Brig. Gen. Soleimani and in a retaliatory move hit the most US military base in the region. Iran will surely respond to the assassination of the scientist Fakhrizadeh in its proper time. 

Biden’s Presidency

It is definite that the US has neither the will nor the capability to ignite a war with Iran, under the present circumstances. The country is dealing with serious domestic challenges and difficulties including the coronavirus pandemic and a rigid dichotomy among the American society after the US Presidential elections. Therefore, starting any tension with Iran will exacerbate the conditions in the US. 

Despite its made announcements, the new American administration seems to be different from the one under Trump, the fact is that the Biden administration will be no different from that of Trump considering its macro-policies towards Iran, at all. The US pressure on Iran will remain in their place and for a period Biden will not act decisively to reduce the pressure in practice but there will be some rhetoric vowing some decrease of pressure on Iran. 

It is Iran who can turn the coin in its own favor by imposing its will through diplomacy.

Zionists’ upper hand over US, S. Arabia in assassinations in Iran

The Assassination of Iranian (non) nuclear scientists is on the agenda of the Zionists regime. The regime can tolerate no regional country more powerful and more scientifically developed than itself. 

However, Iran’s scientific improvements after the victory of the Islamic Revolution are not acceptable for the Tel Aviv regime and the assassination of Iranian scientists is among the top priorities and goals of the Zionists. 

The Israeli regime is seeking its goals in cooperation with its regional allies such as Arabia and the UAE and under the aegis of the US' supports.

The Israeli regime is seeking such goals in cooperation with its regional allies such as Arabia and the UAE and under the aegis of the US supports.

As I said earlier, the Zionists mistakenly supposed that they can seize the current conditions while the power in the US is transferred from Trump to Biden to meet their interests and reach their set targets. In fact, Zionists meant to take a measure against Iran and provoke Trump to take actions which would be very hard for Biden to easily manage its consequences in the short-run.

Dependent S. Arabia

Saudi Arabia is fully aware that Iran does not want to start a war with it nor with other regional Arab states but is looking for convergence with them. 

However, the Saudi regime is dependent on major world power, which is not supported by its own people. It is accordingly concerned about Iran’s achievements, in particular in the region, despite the imposed pressures and sanctions on it. Iran’s progress can practically bring major challenges for the Saudi regime for it can stimulate anti-regime protests in Saudi Arabia. To justify its high reliance on the US and western allies, it is natural for the Saudi regime to try to introduce the Islamic Republic of Iran as a loser in the region. As we have seen, the Saudi regime intervenes in regional issues such as those related to Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistani Baluchistan by spending huge amounts of money, dispatching forces and equipment in a bid to suppress popular trends in the region. 


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