Implications of Trump's legacy for US, intl. community

TEHRAN, Nov. 07 (MNA) – Trump's ascent to the White House and his possible premature departure from it, both results of engineered elections, have had and will continue to have consequences for the US and the international community.

All reports coming from the United States indicate Trump's one-term presidency and Joe Biden’s victory, although the case may be taken to the Supreme Court and it may take several weeks for the final result to be announced.

Regardless of who wins, the results of this election will have implications for American society, as well as the international community, including the US traditional allies around the world.

Donald Trump even managed to get about 7 million more votes in 2020 than in 2016. This means that although he may not get into the White House this time, he has been able to create a discourse that many refer to as "Trumpism” during his four-year term as the US president.

The Christian Science Monitor called Trumpism a continuation of former US President Reagan's approach and wrote: “Trumpism is part [of] Reagan Republicanism – lower taxes, less government regulation, cultural conservatism – plus a pivot toward a hard line on immigration and an “America First” approach to foreign policy.

Trump and his legacy can be considered the result of an engineered election, which will definitely have certain consequences for the American society in the internal and external arenas.

The consequences of this engineered election include the discrediting of the integrity of the US electoral system and democracy, and the polarization of American society, in a way that these days we are witnessing widespread protests against electoral fraud in various US states and the clash between Trump and Biden supporters.

For nearly two decades, many American policymakers and decision-makers have believed that the trade and security regimes and orders created by the Americans themselves after World War II are not only incapable of meeting the US interests any longer, but they have also paved the way for the US rivals, such as China and the European Union, to surpass the country. Therefore, getting Trump to power in 2016 and removing him from power in 2020 can be justified by taking this issue into account.

To change and amend many of the world's trade and security regimes in its own favor, the American political system needed someone who, lacking international decency, was ready to leave or undermine international treaties and institutions such as World Health Organization, the Paris Agreement, the Trans-Pacific Treaty, etc. and to pave the way for renegotiations on these treaties that would result in more concessions for the United States.

Trump's policies have also strengthened the far right in the European Union, which aims to weaken the bloc in line with the interests of the United States.

Trump's policies have also left a legacy that will make immigration policies tougher. These Policies had changed the demographic structure of the US in the past decades and could have posed threats to the country in the future.

Donald Trump's mission for the American political system has apparently come to an end, and he is set to be ousted in any way possible, even by electoral fraud, no matter how much he himself would protest against his early removal from power.

Now it is the Democrats' turn to reap the rewards of Trump's actions at home and abroad with a democratic gesture, and use Trump's legacy, known as "Trumpism," as a baton to gain more concessions from the US rivals and international partners, even from Washington's European allies.

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