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  • امیرعبداللهیان 2018-01-26 19:04

    KSA, UAE, Bahrain front against Iran in Davos 'strategic flaw'

    TEHRAN, Jan. 26 (MNA) – Iranian Parliament's General Director for International Affairs Hossein Amir-Abdollahian posted a message on his Twitter account condemning the joint rhetoric of KSA, UAE, and Bahrain against Iran at Davos panels.

  • حسین امیرعبداللهیان 2018-01-06 12:00

    Amir-Abdollahian urges govt to fulfill public duty

    TEHRAN, Jan. 06 (MNA) – The Iranian Parliament's General Director for International Affairs Hossein Amir-Abdollahian said that people’s alertness foiled enemy’s plots and urged government officials to fulfill their public duty so that the enemy cannot infiltrate the country.

  • امیر حاتمی 2017-12-11 12:51


    US accountable for any further regional conflict

    TEHRAN, Dec. 11 (MNA) – Brigadier General Hatami the Defense Minister of Iran said the US will be responsible for any further tension and bloodshed in the region.

  • قدس 2017-12-09 13:38

    Army rebukes US move on Jerusalem

    TEHRAN, Dec. 09 (MNA) – The Iranian Army, in a statement, has slammed announcement of Jerusalem as capital of the fake Zionist regime by the White House.

  • بهرام قاسمی سخنگوی وزارت امور خارجه 2017-11-26 08:20

    ‘WH statement reveals US complicity in Saudi crimes in Yemen’

    TEHRAN, Nov. 26 (MNA) – Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Bahram Ghasemi, condemned the recent statement of White House with anti-Iran claims in support of Saudi Arabia’s crimes in Yemen.

  • کاخ سفید 2017-11-08 19:03

    US backs Saudi Arabia

    TEHRAN, Nov. 08 (MNA) – Accusing Iran of enabling Yemen's Houthi, The White House has condemned a missile attack by Yemen's Houthi on Saudi Arabia

  • قادری 2017/10/27

    By: Mohammad Ghaderi

    London, Paris playing on White House ground

    TEHRAN, Oct. 27 (MNA) – In his latest remarks, the British Foreign Secretary has emphasized the need to maintain the nuclear deal with Iran.

  • White House: Trump to announce Iran strategy 2017-10-12 22:11

    Trump to announce new Iran strategy Friday

    EHRAN, Oct. 12 (MNA) – US President Donald Trump will announce his administration’s new strategy on Iran at 12:45 p.m. EDT (1645 GMT) on Friday, White House spokeswoman Sarah Sanders said.

  • FILE PHOTO -- U.S. President Donald Trump waves as walks on the South Lawn of the White House upon his return to Washington, U.S., from the G20 Summit in Hamburg, July 8, 2017. 2017-10-04 19:34

    Trump prepares to wound Iran deal then save it

    TEHRAN, Oct. 04 (MNA) – Donald Trump’s national security team has unanimously recommended that he decertify the Iran nuclear deal — but that he stop short of pushing Congress to reimpose sanctions on Tehran that could unravel the agreement.

  • کاخ سفید بعد از تعمیرات‎ 2017-09-16 08:55

    US wants Iraqi Kurdistan to call off referendum

    TEHRAN, Sep. 16 (MNA) – The US strongly urged northern Iraq's autonomous Kurdish Regional Government (KRG) to call off a controversial referendum on independence from Baghdad.

  • amir-abdollahian 2017-08-01 09:38

    WH only cares about Tel Aviv's security, regional exploitation

    BEIRUT, Aug. 01 (MNA) – Parliament's General Director for International Affairs Hossein Amir-Abdollahian said that Tehran will continues its support for the Axis of Resistance in the fight against the Zionist aggression.

  • بهرام قاسمی سخنگوی وزارت امور خارجه 2017-07-23 09:07

    Reacting to White House statement;

    US threats expose its meddlesome nature: FM spox

    TEHRAN, Jul. 23 (MNA) – Iran has dismissed the recent statement by the White House on the release of US prisoners in Iran, describing it as an example of interference in the Islamic Republic’s internal affairs.  

  • Syria 2017-06-28 22:39

    Russian diplomat:

    US claims of Syrian chemical attack complicate negotiations

    VIENNA, Jun. 28 (MNA) – Russian Deputy Foreign Minister said that US claims of new chemical attacks allegedly planned by the Syrian government complicates negotiations.

  • White House 2017-06-28 19:41

    Bloody track record!

    TEHRAN, Jun. 28 (MNA) – On Tuesday, the press service of the White House issued a statement claiming that Syrian President Bashar Assad is preparing a new chemical attack, and promising that if it is implemented, the Syrian authorities will "pay a heavy price."

  • دونالد ترامپ 2017/03/12

    By: Habib Ashayeri

    Trump would bring US to ‘edge of precipice’

    TEHRAN, Mar. 12 (MNA) – Donald Trump’s demagoguery in attempt to show his voters that he had been committed to campaign promises has sent him too far afield in the wilderness.

  • 22 بهمن 2017-02-10 11:57


    Rallies ‘response to White House tenants’

    TEHRAN, Feb. 10 (MNA) – President Hassan Rouhani has said large turnout in streets is a strong response to undeserved commentary White House tenants had been making on Iranians.

  • بهرام قاسمی سخنگوی وزارت امور خارجه 2017-02-09 16:46

    FM spox.:

    US hostility toward Iran 'unabated'

    TEHRAN, Feb. 09 (MNA) – Foreign Ministry spokesperson has said US hostility toward Iranians has not subsided, despite the changes in the ruling Establishment.

  • foreign ministry 2017-01-29 08:42

    FM statement:

    Iran to respond to US visa restrictions based on ‘reciprocity action’

    TEHRAN, Jan. 29 (MNA) – Foreign Ministry has responded to recent directive signed by Donald Trump of the US by issuing a statement which says it will apply similar restrictions on US citizens.

  • نشست خبری سخنگوی وزارت خارجه 2016-11-21 14:16

    FM Spox.:

    Iran prepared for ‘any Trumpian scenario’

    TEHRAN, Nov. 21 (MNA) – Foreign Ministry spokesperson has said the US under Trump would not violate the international JCPOA deal unilaterally.

  • بازگشت آیت‎الله آملی لاریجانی از سفر عراق 2016-11-14 21:50

    Amoli Larijani:

    US election campaign highlights ‘moral collapse’

    TEHRAN, Nov. 14 (MNA) – Head of the Judiciary has said election of Trump to presidency was rejection of the ruling establishment as corrupt and inefficient.

  • shamkhani 2016-11-09 16:12


    US pres. elections ‘voice of popular discontent’

    TEHRAN, Nov. 09 (MNA) – Secretary of Supreme National Security Council has said US presidential elections highlighted popular defiance of traditional modes of propaganda by media giants.

  • 02br1 amirabdollahian.jpg 2016-10-17 11:08

    White House, Zionism, terrorism insecurity triangle in region

    TEHRAN, Oct. 17 (MNA) – Secretary General of International Conference in Support of the Palestinian Intifada Hossein Amir-Abdollahian underlined Iran supports its allies in the Axis of Resistance and the region.

  • اولی هاینونن 2016-06-12 11:26

    Former IAEA fellow:

    Drastic change unlikely in US next president’s JCPOA policy

    TEHRAN, Jun. 12 (MNA) – A former IAEA fellow and its deputy director-general has told Mehr News US policy of JCPOA would not be ‘drastically affected’ by changes in the White House and coming of the new president.

  • جزایری 2016-04-04 16:41

    Army spokesperson:

    Key to success ‘lies inside the country’

    TEHRAN, Apr. 04 (MNA) – An Army general has said foreign powers are not to be trusted with hopes of bringing boom to domestic economy; rather, the key lies in the hands of the nation to open closed gates to flourishing.