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TEHRAN, Nov. 01 (MNA) – At the beginning of the new millennium, and in the light of advanced technologies in the field of transportation, geographical boundaries and long distances have become virtually meaningless.

This is an advantage in the field of health and treatment, the restriction on access to medical facilities has become almost meaningless. The medical tourism industry, along with the development of the tourism industry, is very advanced and developed. Every year, millions of tourists travel to different countries for medical purposes, in search of advanced medical facilities, experienced medical staff, and to reduce medical expenses.

Medical Tourism in Iran with Elcidtour 

Since Iran is known as the most important tourist destination in the Middle East, hundreds of thousands of foreign tourists choose Iran as their tourist destination every year. Simultaneously with the development of the tourism industry, the medical tourism industry is also very developed in Iran. Experienced physicians, low costs of medical services, advanced medical equipment, and welfare-tourism facilities are among the reasons why medical tourists choose Iran as their medical travel destination.

Iran is on the path of development in the field of medical tourism and the presence of experienced and efficient doctors, up-to-date and leading hospitals with the latest facilities in the world along with competitive prices and spending time of medical tourism travelers in tourist attractions and exciting restaurants. Staying in magical hotels is one of the reasons for choosing Iran as a medical tourism destination in the region. Iran's neighbors such as Iraq, Oman, Pakistan, Azerbaijan, and Afghanistan are among the vast target markets for medical tourism in iran, and now Iran's reasonable price in the region for medical services has become the main reason for medical tourism competition in the region. It is worth mentioning that medical clinics and hospitals in Iran are ready to provide tourism services.

The best medical tourism services in Iran

Medical tourism and health tourism are titles that are used for travel services due to medical or beauty activities. Relying on our experiences in the field of tourism travel services in the field of the tourism industry and familiarity with various types of medical tourism and professional communication with doctors and medical specialists in the field of medical tourism, our company provides various services to visitors. Our team, which consists of specialists and professional staff, strives to offer the best services in the field of medical tourism to foreign guests. We assure you that our support team will provide you with all aspects of medical tourism services. From the ticket department to the domestic tours or hotel reservation section, everyone will be at the service of our medical tourism travelers to experience a unique medical tourism package.

Available Services 

With the support of experienced staff, we get to know the health villages and take you to the mineral springs to experience healthy tourism, or you will come with us to places with natural sludge and in the mud and salt. Those who have healing properties, you will experience therapeutic tourism without the intervention of a doctor. In medical tourism services, you will go to the reputable medical centers and hospitals under our contract. Then you will experience professional surgeries under the supervision of doctors, and if you want to have a relaxing trip, you can visit the hot springs and springs. Enjoy healing. In our medical tourism tours, you can use everything from hair transplantation to body sculpting and nose surgery and infertility treatment to dentistry and ophthalmology, and other medical services.

Anyone in any country in the world who wants to use the services of medical tourism or cosmetic tourism can choose Iran. In medical tourism services, you can use IVF infertility treatment services, which is worth mentioning; also we offer the best infertility treatment service in Iran. Also, ophthalmology or dental services are available in Iran. In some cases, the person is not sick, and he/she is only interested in beauty services to use beauty tourism services, in which case Iran is the best place for cosmetic operations on the nose, face, and body that weight loss, hair transplantation, including medical tourism services in It is the realm of beauty. 

Different stages of a medical tour

The first step is that the person, who needs one of our services,contact us. elcidtour consult with them in the medical tourism team and introduce the relevant specialist doctors and related hospitals and report the costs of services and provide the client with a package of his trip to Iran. Then we accompany you from the airport, and to the airport on departure. The leader translator in the language requested by the customer accompanies him from the moment of arrival in Iran, we issue an Iranian visa and take him from the airport to the hotel, where we will book the best rate for a Medical Tourism client. The treatment process begins the next day. In addition to the course of treatment or various operations. Recreational travel programs in Iran to medical tourism clients are available. It is worth mentioning that except for Tehran, the cities of Mashhad, Tabriz, Isfahan, and Shiraz can also be your destination, and all processes take place in these cities. We provide almost all of the medical .tourism services to travelers. For more information about medical tourism and also about Iran travel guide, visit

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