• کمانچه 2017-12-09 10:43

    Kamancheh listed as Iran’s intangible cultural heritage

    TEHRAN, Dec. 09 (MNA) – UNESCO listed Kamancheh, an Iranian bowed stringed instrument, and the team sport of polo as Iranian cultural heritages in a session held in South Korea on December 7, 2017.

  • رقابتهای دو جانبه چوگان جام شیرین  2017-12-07 13:46

    UNESCO lists polo as Iran’s intangible cultural heritage

    TEHRAN, Dec. 07 (MNA) – UNESCO has recognized the team sport of polo, played on horseback, as Iran’s intangible cultural heritage during a session held in South Korea on December 7.

  • unesco 2017-11-12 10:31

    Joint venture between St. Olaf college, MNA on World Philosophy Day

    TEHRAN, Nov. 12 (MNA) – The Department of Philosophy of St. Olaf college in US is celebrating UNESCO's World Philosophy Day on Nov. 17, with streaming a video message by a Mehr News columnist about a plan for peace in the Persian Gulf.

  • طبیعت پاییزی منطقه ارسباران 2017-11-11 14:32

    By: Masoumeh Fariborzi

    Beauties of autumn in Arasbaran

    TABRIZ, Nov. 11 (MNA) – The nature has painted beautiful scenery with the arrival of autumn in Arasbaran, a UNESCO registered biosphere in East Azarbaijan province.

  • دونالد ترامپ 2017-10-12 19:32

    US withdraws from UNESCO over "anti-Israel bias"

    TEHRAN, Oct. 12 (MNA) – The US has announced that it will withdraw from UNESCO at the end of 2018, citing a need for reform and an anti-Israel bias in the organization.

  • مصاحبه با دکتر ولایتی 2017-10-05 18:37

    Leader's senior aid condoles with Iraq over Talabani's demise

    TEHRAN, Oct. 05 (MNA) – Leader of Islamic Revolution's senior adviser Ali Akbar Velayati condoled with Iraq on General Jalal Talabani's demise at 84.

  • UNESCO 2017-09-19 12:07

    UNESCO to celebrate Intl. Peace Day in Tehran

    TEHRAN, Sep. 19 (MNA) – On 20 September 2017, UNESCO will celebrate the International Peace Day with a public event at Azadi Tower, in cooperation with the Roudhaki Foundation, the Iranian National Commission for UNESCO, and Day Sun Cultural Institute.

  • بازدید ارزیابان یونسکو از سیرجان برای ثبت جهانی گلیم 2017-07-23 15:48

    By: Islamil Khourtan

    UNESCO handicrafts assessors visit Sirjan

    SIRJAN, Jul. 23 (MNA) – In order to globally register Kilim of Sirjan, the UNESCO international handicrafts assessors and supervisors traveled to the city in Kerman province, to visit Kilim Rugs Museum and Kilim weaving workshops in the rural areas of Sirjan, including the village of Darestan known as the world's Kilim village.

  • yazd 2017-07-09 22:12

    Yazd enters UNESCO’s World Heritage List

    TEHRAN, Jul. 09 (MNA) – The World Heritage Committee unanimously placed Yazd city in Iran on World Heritage List during its 41st session in Krakow, Poland.

  • unesco 2017-07-05 11:24

    VIDEO: End trafficking, save culture

    TEHRAN, Jul. 05 (MNA) – Conflict situations and natural disasters increase the risk of theft and trafficking dramatically. Many instances of plunder, theft and trafficking of cultural objects go unseen or unsolved. UNESCO is calling on people to help stop this illicit trafficking.

  • ارسباران 2017-07-01 20:45

    Iran refers 2 nominated dossiers to IUCN, ICOMOS

    TEHRAN, Jul. 01 (MNA) – Two nominated dossiers for inscription in UNESCO World Heritage List, Fars Sassanid sites and Arasbaran Protected Area, have been submitted to the IUCN and ICOMOS for evaluation.

  • دیدار جمعی از استادان، نخبگان  دانشگاه‌ها با رهبر انقلاب 2017-06-22 10:41

    Iran's Leader:

    UNESCO 2030 'a plot by arrogant powers to control nations'

    TEHRAN, Jun. 22 (MNA) – The UNESCO 2030 agenda is part of the UN's “Sustainable Development Document" under which global powers attempt to control all nations in a flawed and improper move, Ayatollah Khamenei said Wednesday.

  • Amirhosein Mosavi 2017-06-21 18:55

    Iranian scientist receives 2017 Young Scientists Award

    TEHRAN, Jun. 21 (MNA) – The International Coordinating Council of the Man and the Biosphere (MAB) Program of UNESCO has named Amirhosein Mosavi as one recipient of the 2017 Young Scientists Awards.

  • journalists 2017-05-20 10:52

    IFEX urges Pakistan to provide updated info. on journalists killing to UNESCO

    CARACHI, May 20 (MNA) – International Freedom of Expression Exchange (IFEX) Executive Director Annie Game has urged Pakistan’s Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif to respond to UNESCO Director-General’s 2017 request that has sought information on the status of judicial inquiries into the killings of 55 journalists in Pakistan from 2006 to 2016.

  • بهرام قاسمی سخنگوی وزارت امور خارجه 2017-05-18 12:55

    FM spox:

    Iran not to implement all goals of UNESCO 2030 Agenda

    TEHRAN, May 18 (MNA) – FM Spokesman addressed certain domestic concerns over the UNESCO 2030 Agenda, saying Iran's principled and immutable position is non-compliance with any goals that go against the country’s religious and cultural values.

  • UNESCO 2017-05-16 13:43

    UNESCO starts meeting on cultural assets trafficking

    PARIS, May 16 (MNA) – The fourth Meeting of State Parties to the 1970 Convention on Illicit Trafficking of Cultural Property began today at the UNESCO headquarters in this capital, an issue that is cause for concern in the world.

  • ارگ بم 2017-05-13 11:51

    By: Asghar Khamseh

    Arg-e Bam restoration

    BAM, May 13 (MNA) – 'The most representative example of a fortified medieval town built in vernacular technique using mud layers' as UNESCO describes it, Bam Citadel is under restoration after an earthquake ruined it almost entirely.

  • unesco 2017-05-11 17:58

    2 new cases awaiting inscription in UNESCO list

    TEHRAN, May 11 (MNA) – Two new cases have been submitted to UNESCO and are expected to be inscribed in the world heritage list this year, Head of Iranian National Commission for UNESCO said Thursday.

  • محمد جواد ظریف وزیر خارجه ایران 2017-05-10 17:00

    Zarif: UNESCO's Agenda 2030 not binding

    TEHRAN, May 10 (MNA) – Iranian Foreign Minsiter Mohammad Javad Zarif underlined that UNESCO's Global Education Agenda 2030 is implemented in Iran based on social and cultural values.

  • دیدار کارگران با رهبر انقلاب 2017-05-07 16:07


    Islamic Republic needless of corrupt Western culture

    TEHRAN, May 07 (MNA) – Leader of Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Khamenei underlined that Islamic Republic possess invaluable sources of education, rejecting UNESCO's Global Education Agenda 2030.

  • Qeshm Island Geopark 2017-05-06 09:52

    Qeshm Island becomes UNESCO Global Geopark

    TEHRAN, May 06 (MNA) – Qeshm Island was granted designation of UNESCO Global Geopark at the 21st session of UNESCO Executive Board on May 05.

  • unes 2017-03-28 22:22

    UNESCO celebrates Nowruz in Paris

    TEHRAN, Mar. 28 (MNA) – Nowruz World Festivity was held in UNESCO headquarters in Paris with Iran’s permanent representative to UNESCO sponsoring the festivity and 12 member countries of Nowruz world registration dossier participating in the event.

  • موزه هنرهای معاصر تهران 2017-03-15 12:27

    Iranian antiques to go on display in Germany

    TEHRAN, Mar. 15 (MNA) – 425 pieces of Iranian antiques have been sent to Germany to be displayed as part of a ‘Water and Desert’ Exhibition on 13 April 2017, deputy head of Iran Cultural Heritage Organization said Wed.

  • Palmyra 2017-03-04 18:55

    UNESCO urges protection of Palmyra after liberation

    PARIS, Mar. 04 (MNA) – Director General of UNESCO Irina Bokova called for doubling efforts to protect the Syrian heritage as a whole after liberating Palmyra City from the ISIL terrorists.

  • ISJ  AND UNIC 2017-02-15 18:41

    Together, we can make the world a happier place!

    TEHRAN, Feb. 15 (MNA) – “The Small Smurfs Big Goals Campaign” runs from February 15-March 20 2017 in support of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), culminating with the International Day of Happiness on March 20.

  • Palmyra 2017-01-21 11:21

    UNESCO slams destruction of Palmyra's Roman theatre, tetrapylon

    HOMS, Jan. 21 (MNA) – UNESCO has condemned as “war crime” the destruction of the Tetrapylon and the façade of the Roman Theatre in Palmyra city, a UNESCO World Heritage site, in the eastern countryside of Homs by ISIL terrorist organization.

  • نمد مالی 2017-01-14 20:17

    Feltmaking art of Shahrekord on road to UNESCO

    SHAHREKORD, Jan. 14 (MNA) – A local cultural heritage organization official in Shahrekord has said the ancient art of feltmaking will be provided to UNESCO for the city to be registered as the World Feltmaking City.

  • intangible cultural heritage photo contest 2016-12-29 11:21

    Photo competition on Intangible Cultural Heritage

    TEHRAN, Dec. 29 (MNA) – UNESCO and Tehran’s ICH Centre have joined hands to raise awareness about intangible cultural heritage through a photo contest.

  • nowruz 2016-11-30 16:49

    Nowruz inscribed in UNESCO list

    TEHRAN, Nov. 30 (MNA) – The multinational case of Nowruz, the traditional Iranian festival of spring, has been inscribed in UNESCO list of Intangible Cultural Heritage on Wednesday.

  •   2016-11-17 22:48

    Processions of 5th News Agencies World Congress: summary

    BAKU, Nov. 17 (MNA) – Tehran-based semi-official Mehr News Agency has participated in the Baku event, which provides an opportunity to world media to focus on global issues.