No deal can legitimize the Zionist regime: Khaled al- Qaddumi

TEHRAN, Aug. 24 (MNA) – Hamas' Representative in Iran said that the Israeli regime still is in intense need of recognition by minor countries in the region despite support from super powers, the UN secretary-general and Europeans.

US President Donald Trump, who had earlier offered the so-called ‘Deal of the Century’ in favor of the Zionist regime, announced that he has brokered an agreement between the Israeli regime and the United Arab Emirates for normalization of ties. While US and Israeli officials termed the agreement as a great breakthrough, Palestinian factions strongly condemned the measure unanimously.

The Representative of the Palestinian Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) in Tehran Khaled al- Qaddumi and the Representative of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad Movement in Tehran Naser Abousharif condemned the UAE's betrayal of the Palestinian cause during a specialized meeting titled "Objectives to UAE-Israeli tie normalization" at the Mehr news agency.

During the panel, Khaled al- Qaddumi answered some questions on the issue of UAE-Israeli regime tie normalization and its consequences.

When asked about the reason behind the move of choosing a microscopic country like the UAE for normalization of ties between the Israeli regime and some Arab countries, al- Qaddumi said, "First of all, I should say that the UAE itself has chosen to be chosen for this mission and this is not new. They have always been in contact with the Zionist regime in the past and now just everything is disclosed publicly."

"The reason is that now Trump and Netanyahu are in crisis politically, economically, socially and duo to the consequences of coronavirus. To go out of these crises just 3 months before the US presidential election, Trump is going to demonstrate that how he is going to secure the Israeli regime’s security and the UAE which its rulers are open to such measures is a good choice for him. Of course, the rulers of such countries are open to such measures, not their people," he added.

"People in the region are in solidarity and partnership with Palestine. We are talking about some officials, which try to get close to the Zionist regime just for the own personal interests," he noted.

Commenting on the benefits of normalization of ties between UAE and Zionist regime, Hamas' representative said, “Any of the countries that have normalized ties with the Zionist regime since 1978 have not achieved any of those announced goals neither economic nor political ones. Political figures in Tel Aviv use normalization of ties with other countries just as a tool to save themselves.”

Answering the question whether normalization of ties with some rulers in the region can pave the way for legitimizing the regime, al- Qaddumi said, “During the past 72 years since the regime was created, despite support from superpowers and even general-secretary of the UN and Europeans still it is in intense need of recognition of the minor countries in the region."

He went on to say, "So we can understand how much they are legitimate or illegitimate. Palestinians are the real owner of the Palestinian lands and they are the real custodians of the holy sites. We will continue our struggle. Nobody is allowed to do business with Palestine and Palestinian rights. This deal like the previous ones will fail. We will not compromise over our legitimate rights for money and we won't let others do the same."

"These kinds of deals may delay our victory but cannot prevent it and cannot legitimize Israel's regime. Everybody should know that we are not against any religion or humanity; we are just against an illegal and inhuman entity called Zionism. This political entity is not only a threat to the region but also to the whole world," he stressed.

He further commented on the Palestinians' expectations and the responsibility of some leading Arab rulers in backing Palestinian people and said, " We don't expect anything. we don't need their help and armies to defend and support us. We just expect them not to stab the Palestinian nation in back."

Reported by Zahra Mirzafarjouyan

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