Iran to continue efforts to produce COVID-19 vaccine strongly

TEHRAN, Aug. 11 (MNA) – Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said that efforts to produce coronavirus, COVID-19, vaccine and drugs will continue vigorously until the final result is achieved.

Speaking on Tuesday in a meeting with a group of managers involved in the production of drugs and vaccines in various sectors [including governmental, public and knowledge-based companies], he thanked all those who work in the field of production of drugs and vaccines for diseases, especially in the field of combatting COVID-19.

"In recent months, with the efforts made, good steps have been taken to produce drugs and vaccines for coronavirus, and this path must continue with strength and speed until the final and definitive result is reached,” Rouhani emphasized.

"We assure our dear people that the country's young researchers and specialists are working in knowledge-based companies with high motivation and round-the-clock efforts to produce drugs and vaccines for COVID-19, and the government is providing the necessary and full support to these efforts.”

Emphasizing that efforts to produce reliable drugs and vaccines for the treatment and prevention of coronavirus do not mean that the country should neglect full observance of health protocols, he said, "Until we are provided with the approved vaccines and drugs for the virus, accurate and complete implementation of health protocols should be on our agenda.”

The President stressed, “Health protocols in all matters and ceremonies, including recommended and obligatory worship ceremonies, must be fully implemented. The necessity of this issue is such that even the obligatory Hajj was not held this year and the host of Hajj ceremonies as well as other countries did not come to the conclusion that this obligatory worship ceremony should be held this year.”

“Stating that in all ceremonies, we must all follow health protocols accurately and completely, Rouhani said, "As the rituals of Ramadan were held in accordance with the instructions, the mourning of Muharram will be held and we need this spirituality.”

Referring to the research activities carried out in the field of combatting coronavirus, the President added, "The outbreak of coronavirus, along with the problems it created for the people and the medical staff of the country, created an opportunity for scientific research and an extraordinary research effort. Researchers in the country have mobilized with all their might to curb this global pandemic as soon as possible."

Stating that the outbreak of this disease has created special conditions for the world, he said, "Efforts should be made in two ways to produce drugs and vaccines to treat and prevent the virus with ultimate strength.”

Referring to the fact that coronavirus is unknown and the exact time of the end of the pandemic is not known, he said, "Given that the vaccine is time-consuming to make, we must continue to protect ourselves against the virus by observing health protocols, and help the researchers, specialists and staff with the treatment and nursing to fight this disease.”

President Rouhani said, "The government guarantees the purchase of the approved products and will not spare any effort to provide the necessary loans to the companies working in this field.”


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