Consider these facts when studying massacre of Indian Muslims

TEHRAN, Mar. 07 (MNA) – The massacre of Muslims in India has sparked concerns among Muslim and even non-Muslim countries across the globe.

Tensions erupted after the New Delhi in December passed a law that fast-tracks citizenship for persecuted non-Muslim minorities from neighboring countries. More than 40 people were killed last week in New Delhi in sectarian violence sparked by the citizenship law. Observers warn that the law could eventually lead to the expulsion or detention of Muslims in India.

Hossein Shariatmadari, the managing director of Kayhan Newspaper, cast light on the situation and some of the points that need to be considered while studying the development.

“Although the Indian government is taking advantage of Hindu extremists for committing these crimes, evidence shows that the situation is being managed from another place,” he told Fars News Agency on Saturday, naming the following points:

1. The current Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi, is among leaders of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) which is famous for extremism and racism, especially against Muslims.

2. He was the Chief Minister of Gujarat for 13 years (2001 to 2014). During the tenure, Modi has committed many crimes against Muslims to a point where he became to be known as ‘Muslims killer’.

3. Indian people consider this branch of Hindu extremists, which has risen from BJP, as killers of Mahatma Gandhi and the party doesn’t insist on rejecting such accusations.

4. When serving as the Chief Minister of Gujarat, Modi had established close ties with the Zionist regime and some other Hindu parties had protested against these unusual relations.

5. The current Indian government adopted measures against Muslims as soon as assuming power. Their malice towards Muslims started in Kashmir where the Indian government manipulated the Article 370 of the Constitution and suspended the autonomy of Jammu and Kashmir, also deploying army and police forces to crack down and kill Muslims in Kashmir.

6. By imposing pressure on courts, the current Indian administration changed the ruling on Babri Mosque in favor of Hindus.

7. Modi’s government had introduced a regulation that required all immigrants coming after 1988 to reapply their refugee status. The regulation was hard to implement, so it was canceled for all except for Muslims.

8. The current massacre of Muslims intensified after US President Donald Trump’s visit to India and one can say that the new form of massacre started after this visit.

9. Close ties of Modi’s government with America and the Zionist regime, which is unprecedented compared to previous Indian governments, cannot be considered unrelated to recent barbaric crimes against Muslims.

10. Now, in light of these evidence, how can one assess the brutal crimes of Narendra’s government in India outside the US and its allies’ conspiracy in Palestine, Lebanon, Yemen, Syria, Iraq, etc?! The US and Israel have found all the features they need to confront Islam and Muslims in Modi's racist government!

“The Leader of the Islamic Revolution has warned India to stop the heinous crimes. The message is a proof to the Indian government that the oppressed Indian Muslims have not been abandoned so that racist Hindus could commit any crime with the support of America and Israel,” Shariatmadari said, adding, “Modi should know that America is a destroyed wall that cannot be counted on.”

“Now, the responsibility of Islamic countries and Muslim nations is to boycott the Indian government and stop trades as a first step to support the oppressed Indian Muslims and surely, further measures will not be far from reach,” he concluded.


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