• بندر چابهار Yesterday 15:07

    Deputy roads min.:

    Four vessels docked at Chabahar Port since inauguration

    TEHRAN, Feb. 18 (MNA) – Chief Executive of Ports and Maritime Organization (MPO) Mohammad Rastad said that a number of four ships, carrying wheat, sugar, chemical fertilizer and steel, have taken berth in Chabahar Port since the inauguration of first phase of expansion project of Bandar Shahid Beheshti.

  • dddd Yesterday 13:34

    Economy min. stresses broadening Iran-India business ties

    TEHRAN, Feb. 18 (MNA) – Minister of Economic Affairs and Finance (MEAF) Masoud Karbasian placed special emphasis on enhancing trade and business ties between Iran and India.

  • senate Yesterday 11:26


    Tehran-New Delhi ties serve two nations' interests, region, against no country

    TEHRAN, Feb. 18 (MNA) – In a meeting with India's Chairman of Senate Saturday, President Rouhani said that the two nations' relations benefit both sides, region and they are not against any country.

  • کابینه یازدهم Yesterday 10:13

    All Iranians must strive to build more prosperous Iranian

    TEHRAN, Feb. 18 (MNA) – In a meeting with the Parsis in India, President Rouhani called on all Iranians residing outside the country to invest and transfer their knowledge and technology to their country to build a more prosperous, more glorious Iran.

  • حسن روحانی Yesterday 08:38

    President leaves New Delhi for Tehran

    TEHRAN, Feb. 18 (MNA) – President of the Islamic Republic of Iran left New Delhi minutes ago, heading for Tehran to end his three-day visit to India.

  • rouhani 2018-02-17 21:11

    Tehran, Delhi emphasize developing bilateral relations

    TEHRAN, Feb. 17 (MNA) – In a joint statement, Iran and India stressed diversification of their existing relations through exchange of bilateral and broad-based exchanges.

  • Akhoundi 2018-02-17 19:48

    Indians to invest $2 billion in Iran's port, railways

    TEHRAN, Feb. 17 (MNA) – Iran's Minister of Roads and Urban Development, who is accompanying President Rouhani on his trip to India, announced on Saturday that Indians have expressed their initial agreement to invest $ 2 billion in Iran’s ports and railways.

  • zarif 2018-02-17 18:46


    Rouhani’s visit cements old friendship between Iran, India

    TEHRAN, Feb. 17 (MNA) – In a tweet on Saturday, Iranian foreign minister hailed the achievements of the Iranian president’s visit to India, saying that cementing centuries-old friendship is more important than signing many agreements.

  • india 2018-02-17 18:11

    Iran, India stress further strengthening friendly relations

    TEHRAN, Feb. 17 (MNA) – After signing several memorandums in New Delhi, Iranian president and Indian PM vowed to use all capacities to strengthen already friendly relations between two nations.

  • روحانی و مودی 2018-02-17 17:25

    Rouhani: No disagreements with India

    TEHRAN, Feb. 17 (MNA) – In a joint press conference with Indian Prime Minister, Iranian president emphasized that no disagreement lies between the two countries, adding, ‘Iran and India are determined and focused on developing ties.’

  • هندوستان 2018-02-17 14:24

    Tehran, New Delhi sign 15 pacts

    TEHRAN, Feb. 17 (MNA) – The Islamic Republic of Iran and the Republic of India signed 15 documents and MoUs to deepen relations.

  • روحانی 2018-02-17 14:15

    Iran considers no limitation to deepening inclusive ties with India

    TEHRAN, Feb. 17 (MNA) – President Hassan Rouhani described Tehran-New Delhi relations growing and developing and stressed that the Islamic Republic of Iran considers no limitation to deepening inclusive ties with India and welcomes any initiative aimed at cementing these ties.

  • sss 2018-02-17 11:03

    Pres. Rouhani pays tribute to India’s political, spiritual leader Gandhi

    TEHRAN, Feb. 17 (MNA) – In his historic three-day visit to India, at the head of a high-ranking political and economic delegation, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani paid tribute to the the father of independence and the late political and spiritual leader of India Mahatma Gandhi on Saturday.

  • دکتر محمدجواد ظریف 2018-02-17 11:00

    President’s meetings, signing MoUs set for today

    TEHRAN, Feb. 17 (MNA) – Iranian foreign minister posted on his tweeter page that the president’s meetings with Indian high-ranking officials and signing of memoranda will take place on Saturday..

  • rouhani 2018-02-17 09:13

    Pres. Rouhani officially welcomed by Indian counterpart, PM

    TEHRAN, Feb. 17 (MNA) – Iranian President Hassan Rouhani was officially welcomed by his Indian counterpart Ram Nath Kovind and Prime Minister Narendra Modi in India’s presidential palace on Saturday, on the second leg of his visit to India.

  • rouhani 2018-02-17 09:03

    Rouhani at New Delhi airport:

    Deepening Iran-India ties in interest of two nations, regional stability

    TEHRAN, Feb. 17 (MNA) – President of the Islamic Republic of Iran Hassan Rouhani said that deepening of relations between Iran and India, as the two major Asian countries, is beneficial for the two nations and the stability and security of the region.

  • روحانی 2018-02-16 21:08


    Iran has both negotiating and defensive powers

    TEHRAN, Feb. 16 (MNA) – In a meeting with Iranians living in India, Iranian president said that Iran has shown the world it has a great negotiating power in addition to a big defensive power.

  • gggg 2018-02-16 15:42

    Indian investors licensed for direct investment in Iran with rupee

    TEHRAN, Feb. 16 (MNA) – Indian government has allowed Iran for doing direct investment with India’s national unit of currency ‘rupee’.

  • ddd 2018-02-16 14:38

    Chairman of Southern India Ulema Council:

    Iran, harbinger of unity, amity among Muslims

    TEHRAN, Feb. 16 (MNA) – Chairman of Southern India Ulema Council Seyed Taghi Reza Abedi pointed to the key role of Iran in the Islamic world and said, “Islamic Republic of Iran is harbinger of unity and amity among Muslims across the world.”

  • fffff 2018-02-16 14:36

    Ex-Indian FM:

    Iran valuable, precious friend to India

    TEHRAN, Feb. 16 (MNA) – India’s Former Foreign Minister Salman Khurshid praised Iran's outstanding role in international level and said, “Islamic Republic of Iran under President Rouhani is a valuable and precious friend to India, so that this relationship should be maintained intact.”

  • حسن روحانی 2018-02-16 13:09

    Rouhani visits historical sites in Hyderabad

    TEHRAN, Feb. 16 (MNA) – Iranian president, who is on an official visit to India, visited Qutb SHahi Tombs in Hyderabad on Friday.

  • حسن روحانی 2018-02-16 10:59


    No military solution to problems of Islamic societies

    TEHRAN, Feb. 16 (MNA) – Iranian president said that the distance among Muslims is West’s conspiracy, adding that there is no military solution to Islamic societies’ problems.

  • Rouhani plane 2018-02-15 15:25

    Rouhani arrives in India, set to sign 15 MoUs

    TEHRAN, Feb. 15 (MNA) – Iranian President Rouhani and his high-ranking politico-economic delegation have arrived in Indian southern city of Hyderabad on Thursday at the official invitation of Prime Minister Modi.

  • President Rouhani to visit Baku late March 2018-02-15 11:39

    Pres. Rouhani:

    Iran-India ties developing on right, positive path

    TEHRAN, Feb. 15 (MNA) – President Hassan Rouhani stressed that Iran and India’s relations are developing on a right and positive path, noting that several MoUs will be signed during his meeting with PM Modi on Saturday.

  • Haghbin 2018-02-12 13:31

    Iran Consulate General in India celebrates anniv. of Islamic Revolution

    TEHRAN, Feb. 12 (MNA) – Consulate General of Islamic Republic of Iran in Heyderabad, India, celebrated 39th anniversary of Iran’s 1979 Islamic Revolution ahead of Rouhani's visit to the country later this week.

  • President Rouhani to visit Baku late March 2018-02-12 11:21

    Rouhani’s India visit set for Feb. 15

    TEHRAN, Feb. 12 (MNA) – Iranian President Hassan Rouhani is scheduled for a maiden visit to India this Thursday to discuss various topics on developing bilateral ties and regional issues with senior Indian officials.

  • بانک مرکزی 2018-02-08 00:18

    CBI official:

    Order for goods imports from 4 countries through “non-bank” procedures banned

    TEHRAN, Feb. 8 (MNA) – As of February 10, ordering to import goods from India, South Korea, Turkey and China will be possible only through banks by opening Letter of credit, negotiable instrument and payment orders.

  • سالگرد همدردی با مردم جامو و کشمیر 2018-02-06 15:53

    By: Mehran Riazi

    Kashmir Solidarity Day observed at Pakistani Tehran embassy

    TEHRAN, Feb. 6 (MNA) – A ceremony was held Mon. at the Pakistani embassy in Tehran to voice solidarity with Kashmiri people who have been fighting for the right to take control of their own fate while being oppressed by Indian forces for years.

  • شناور 2018-02-04 09:33

    Iran seizes 4 trespassing Indian fishing boats, arrests crew

    TEHRAN, Feb. 04 (MNA) – Iran Coast Guard has seized early Sunday four trespassing Indian fishing boats with 22 crew on board in the southern end of Arvand waterway near Abadan port, southwest of Iran.

  • بیست و نهمین نشست کمیته دائمی کنفرانس بین المللی احزاب آسیایی و دومین کنفرانس ویژه راه ابریشم 2018-02-02 20:42

    ICAPP addressers condemn extremism in Islamic world

    TEHRAN, Feb. 02 (MNA) – During the 29th meeting of the International Conference of Asian Political Parties (ICAPP) in Tehran many figures from around the world touched upon the political problems of the current world including extremism in the Islamic world.