Facts being ignored on coronavirus status in Iran's neighbors

TEHRAN, Feb. 25 (MNA) – After the detection of coronavirus in Iran, some neighboring countries reacted as if their territories are free of covid-19, however, available evidence suggests otherwise.

 The news of some cases of coronavirus infection in Iran was enough for a number of neighboring countries to consider the necessity of closing their borders with Iran. These countries always seek to benefit from critical situations, and this time, they are striving to conceal the real truth about their own territory.   

Meanwhile, the emergence of #close_Iran_borders has also raised questions, but are the neighboring countries of Iran immune from covid-19?


If we consider the relations of various countries with China as the criterion for the transmission of the virus, then based on the reports of Daily Sabah, more than 403,000 Chinese tourists have traveled to Turkey in 2019 and according to statistics another 30,000 Chinese tourists had planned to visit Turkey, however, due to the outbreak of coronavirus in China, only half of these trips were canceled.

None of the Turkish media outlets have indicated whether or not the other half of the Chinese tourists who were supposed to travel to Turkey have actually arrived in the country, nevertheless, the beginning of coronavirus outbreak in China was December 2019.

Although the coronavirus outbreak in China began in December 2019, a search in Turkish media indicates that airline agencies such as Turkish Airline did not cancel their flights to China till the end of January, which is more than a month after the outbreak.

Meanwhile, the Yeni Safak Daily reported on January 2020 that Turkish Airlines were utilizing special gloves and masks to prevent coronavirus infections.

These findings show that despite more than a month since the outbreak of the Coronavirus in China, Turkish airliners continued transporting passengers from the country and did not say a word about the necessity of closing borders to Chinese tourists nor the prevention of flights originating from China.  

At the same time, reports of providing Turkish hospitals with advanced equipment that can detect covid-19 in 60 minutes were released in Turkish media.

Now we must ask Turkish authorities whether or not their country is thoroughly clean after the arrival of a huge number of Chinese tourists?

Those who have traveled to Turkey admit the substantial presence of Chinese tourists in the country and believe that Turkey is unlikely to prevent the arrival of Chinese nationals due to maintaining tourism markets and its benefits, nor will they inform Turkish people properly regarding the possibility of coronavirus infection.

It should be noted that currently, Chinese nationals can book tickets to Istanbul at https://www.trip.com/flights/shanghai-to-istanbul/airfares-sha-ist/, while Iranian flights to Turkey Have been canceled.

Protecting people's lives or political revenge?

The closure of the Turkish border with Iran and the cancellation of flights from Iran to Turkey are carried out amid new hostilities in the region. Turkey recently has occupied some parts of Syria apparently for the fight against terrorism and this led to some sort of tension with Iran and Russia.

Turkish officials now appear to be exaggerating about the spread of coronavirus in Iran, seeking revenge on Tehran over Syria since they canceled the trip of a Turkish delegation to Tehran seemingly due to covid-19 infection, as Tehran hosted top European authorities on Feb. 23.

A Turkish cultural delegation which was supposed to sign a memorandum of understanding with regard to Tehran Book Fair reportedly canceled their flight to Iran.

The situation in other neighboring countries of Iran

Other neighboring countries of Iran have not been immune to coronavirus, as a number of infections have been reported in UAE, Bahrain, Afghanistan, and Kuwait.

For example, by February 9, at least 9 cases of infection were reported in UAE, however, unofficial reports indicate other facts.

Sources in UAE have reported the deaths of 18 cases of the new coronavirus infection dubbed covid-19. So far, about 50 cases have been diagnosed in UAE. Official sources in UAE have so far refused to publish these figures.

The reaction of Pakistani officials to coronavirus is interesting. While most countries have moved their own nationals out of China, Pakistan asked them to stay in that country.

The new phase of Iran phobia

It seems that the outbreak of coronavirus in Iran has created a new opportunity for the countries and media outlets opposing Iran to launch a massive offensive against the Islamic Republic. These countries reported the news of covid-19 in a way as if Iran was the primary source of infection, not china.

Exaggerating the problems of one country with the aim of hiding the same issues elsewhere is a situation we observe these days in some neighboring countries. Sooner or later the coronavirus outbreak will end in Iran, and then these countries must take responsibility for their behavior. It must be seen if the rulers of neighboring countries will ignore Iranian tourists during the Nowruz holidays or simply forget the dangers of coronavirus.

One should bear in mind the huge propaganda against coronavirus and the situation it created between Iran and neighboring countries. Moreover, it gives rise to the theory of the US exaggerating the issue to undermine the Chinese economy.


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