US new suspicious moves in Iraq

TEHRAN, Apr. 23 (MNA) – Washington's suspicious military moves in Tikrit city of Iraq indicate that Washington has devised another conspiratorial scenario in Iraq.

It seems that there is no end to US military maneuvers in Iraq. Recently, new reports have been published on the measures of American troops in Iraq, which has raised concerns about Washington's possible future scenario in the country.

In this regards, local sources announced the arrival of a group of US troops to the Camp Speicher in Tikrit, 140 kilometers northwest of Baghdad. Regarding to these sources, “This group of militia was massively armed and had weapons and equipment."

According to reports, after arrival of US troops to the Camp Speicher, a number of nomads’ figures also went and met with American generals stationed there.

While the necessity of the withdrawal of foreign troops from Iraq was on the agenda of the parliamentary factions and became one of the main issues in the political and media circles, the US military's new operations in northern Iraq are under way.

Accordingly, the major alliances of Iraq, including the "reform and construction" coalition, called for an expeditious withdrawal of US troops from Iraqi territory, urging parliamentarians to take the necessary measures to remove alien forces from Iraqi territory as quickly as possible.

Meanwhile, Fatah Alliance also demanded a similar stance toward the exit of American troops from Iraq.

It seems that Americans are seeking new conspiracies in Iraq to target the Iraqi government and nation, and on the other hand, to challenge the relations of Baghdad with its allies in the region, including The Islamic Republic of Iran.

As it seems, the visit of Iraqi Prime Minister Adil Abdul Mahdi to Iran was not pleasant for Washington. Abdul Mahdi traveled to Iran while Americans expected Iraq to reduce its relations with Tehran following extensive financial sanctions against Tehran and to refrain from any economic cooperation with Iran while limiting bilateral relations.

However Iraqi Prime Minister signed MoUs with Iranian authorities in various fields while traveling to Tehran. It seems that the new US moves in Iraq are aimed at reducing the influence of Iran in the country.

On the other hand, Baghdad officials’ refrain from accompanying Washington's ally in the region, Riyadh, caused that Americans to increase their influence in Iraq, in order to prevent Tehran's proximity to Baghdad.

In addition, consultations have been underway to complete the Iraqi cabinet, headed by Adil Abdul Mahdi. Meanwhile, the continuation of political consultations between the parliamentary coalitions of the "reform and construction" and "Fatah Alliance" shows the fact that the completion of the Iraqi Cabinet has become an imminent issue.

On this basis, the talks and negotiations of Iraqi government and political groups about completion of Iraqi cabinet are prior, so that the process of democracy that began last May has not been challenged and successfully completed.

Therefore, Iraqi groups are aware that avoiding any conflict and resorting to dialogue and negotiation can help government to defeat foreign conspiracies in addition to fulfill its domestic demands.

In this regard, the leader of the National Wisdom Movement of Iraq, Ammar al-Hakim in Baghdad and leader of "Reform and Construction" coalition, a major coalition in parliament, stressed to complete Iraqi cabinet as soon as possible through dialogue and negotiation.

He also called for an all-round dialogue between political organizations, especially between the "Reform and Construction" and "Fatah Alliance" coalitions, and emphasized that dialogue and negotiation could solve many uncertain issues and largely help the government to provide services. "

Whereas, Hadi Al-Ameri, chairman of the Badr Organization and leader of “Fatah Alliance", one of the two major Iraqi parliamentary factions, has also emphasized to complete cabinet through political negotiations between parliamentary factions previously.

Consequently, it is clear that US is not interested in completion of democracy process and the cabinet formation in Iraq. It is obvious that US recent moves in Iraq are also linked with their efforts to prevent the completion of the cabinet.

 In addition to US moves, some media are stimulating political parties and factions against the government of Baghdad in order to delay cabinet completion.

In this regards, Adil Abdul Mahdi has shown that he has a high morale to engage with various political parties, factions and political alliances since his appointment as Iraqi cabinet's secretary by President Barham Salih. He can manage Iraqi political atmosphere in a way not to let Iraq become the scene of useless political struggles. This characteristic of Abdul Mahdi led him to initiate a constructive engagement with leaders of various factions.

In conclusion, the new US moves in Iraq are implemented with major goals to affect the relations of Tehran and Baghdad, as well as challenging the internal developments in Iraq, including the completion of the process of democracy and the introduction of the remaining cabinet ministers. It is clear that Americans are not pleased with the process of democracy in Iraq and its relations with Tehran, and resort to any move to create chaos in this country.


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