Pres. Rouhani calls for uprooting all terrorist groups in Syria

TEHRAN, Feb. 14 (MNA) – The Iranian President Hassan Rouhani emphasized five axes for restoration of security and stability to Syria and described continuation of combating all terrorist groups in Syria until they are annihilated.

According to the official website of Iranian Presidency ‘’, President Hassan Rouhani made the remarks on Thursday evening at the fourth round of Tripartite Summit of Presidents of Iran, Russia and Turkey on Syria, which is taking within the Astana format in Russian city of Sochi on Thursday.

Rouhani said “Syrian-Syrian dialogue should continue with the aim of establishing sustainable peace in Syria.”

“Independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity of the country, and non-interference in Syria's internal affairs must be respected in any circumstances,” he added. 

The full text of President Hassan Rouhani’s speech is as follows:

In the Name of God, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful

Your Excellency Mr Putin, Your Excellency Mr Erdoğan, Dear Participants

I would like to appreciate the hospitality of the President of the Russian Federation Mr Vladimir Putin. At the outset, I would like to salute the souls of human being who have lost their lives in the path of peace and coexistence of the great Syrian nation, stressing our resolve to stay on the same path.

We have gathered in Sochi to evaluate the path taken so far and make important decisions for the future that can help the people of Syria in outlining their future path away from any kind of pressure and foreign interference. The common principles stressed by us in the fight against terrorism until the uprooting of this scourge, dialogue, compromise, tension reduction, continuation of the political process and amendment of the constitution, return of the displaced, exchange of detainees, and rebuilding of Syria; a free, independent Syria, a united, integrated Syria, with the protection of territorial integrity and national sovereignty and a Syria each and every children of which enjoy the inherent, natural and citizenship rights. In this path, it is only Syrians who decide for their future and others must not be allowed to interfere in their internal affairs.

Until this step, our cooperation has been able to put out the fire of years of war and cruel massacre in Syria to a great extent.

Cooperation between the guarantors of peace in Syria has also been able to preserve the territorial integrity and national sovereignty and independence of Syria.

Neither in this country, nor in other parts of the world, terrorists must not feel safe and their sponsors must not think that they can use terrorism to the advantage of internal, regional and international equations.

Unfortunately, the US government is sponsoring terrorists in Iraq and Syria in pursuit of their illegal moves to take advantage of them to its own benefit.

There are credible reports showing that the US is helping ISIS terrorists transport inside Syria and moving some of them to Afghanistan.

The Zionist Regime is also active in helping terrorist groups in Syria and recently, some of the authorities of this regime have admitted to these heinous acts.

The Zionist Regime's arbitrary actions in conducting acts of aggression the Syrian territory have jeopardised international peace and security.

The international community is responsible to confront these acts, particularly the continuation of occupation by the regime against the land and existence of the Syrian nation and government.

Ladies and Gentlemen;

President of the United States has announced that he is going to withdraw American forces from Syria. These forces have entered the country without the permission of the government in Syria, against the international regulations.

This decision, if not changed under the domestic policies of the United States, is good news for the people of Syria.

Esteemed Presidents;

Today, Syria needs our help for rebuilding itself. Postponing this process will only prolong the crisis and inflict more harms to the dear Syrian nation.

Amending the constitution based on the will and wish of the people can be a very important role in this regard.

At the end, I would like to reiterate the following points:

The Syrian-Syrian dialogue should continue without foreign interference in order to establish lasting peace in Syria, and the independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity of Syria and the non-interference in its internal affairs should be respected under all circumstances.

The international community should help the displaced Syrians and refugees return to their homes and begin the reconstruction of Syria.

The fight against all terrorist groups in Syria must be continued until they are eradicated.

The presence of foreign forces, including Americans, who are present in the country without the permission of the Syrian government, should be terminated as soon as possible.

It is imperative that the international community confronts the arbitrary actions of the Zionist Regime in its acts of aggression towards the Syrian land, which endangers international peace and security.

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