Self-sacrificing IRGC forces' firm resolve to fight terrorism is appreciable: FM spox

TEHRAN, Oct. 01 (MNA) – Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Bahram Ghasemi, referring to Iran's firm resolve to fight against support and training centers for terrorism, said "we witnessed this determination today in the morning on behalf of the self-sacrificing forces of IRGC."

Speaking durng his weekly press conference on Monday, Ghasemi expressed condolences over Ahvaz terrorist attack and strongly condemned the tragic incident; "fighting terrorism requires a global consensus in order to fully remove it in the world and our region," he noted.

"We hope that petrodollars and political jobbery between regional states and some extremist groups would not obstruct serious fight against terrorism," he said.

Ghasemi expressed gratitude to all those who condemned the terrorist attack and conveyed their messages of condolences and sympathy to the Iranian people and government, adding "we consider this a positive step in the fight against terrorism."

Pointing to the talks with Europe on the future of the JCPOA, Ghasemi said the process of negotiations are underway over JCPOA with Europe, China and Russia, since the withdrawal of the United States; the process includes many sections and certain mechanisms, and we have come to an understanding in some areas and will be working on some other areas after the ministerial meeting in New York, however, due to some reasons, including US pressure on all other signatories not to cooperate with Iran, we cannot reveal the details of the process of negotiations. 

Pointing to the possibility of Iran's exit from nuclear deal, Ghasemi stated that according to our initial understanding with the partners, Iran would remain in the deal in case the other signatories could meet Iran's demands in the form of an agreement, however, if for any reason the remaining parties could not provide Iran with necessary guarantees, the Islamic Republic of Iran can take the appropriate decision.

Pointing to IRGC's missile attack on terrorists' positions in Eastern Euphrates region in Eastern Syria in revenge for the September 22 terrorist attack in Ahvaz which killed dozens of Iranian people, Ghasemi said "the missile attack clearly proved Iran’s firm resolve to fight terrorism and the world witnessed this determination in the early hours of Monday by the IRGC forces."

He further rejected any negative impact of the missile attack on the Astana peace process and said there is no special concerns. "The Syrian issue has been mostly resolved and terrorism is now limited to certain areas in Syria," he said, adding that the Astana peace process is going on.


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