Syria calls for intl. inquiry into US-led coalition massacres in Raqqa

DAMASCUS, Mar. 05 (MNA) – Deputy Foreign and Expatriates Minister said on Sunday that Syria supports and calls for the formation of an international commission of inquiry into the massacres committed by the US-led international coalition in Raqqa .

Fayssal Mikdad added that Syria urges UN Secretary-General to support this proposal and help deliver humanitarian aid to Raqqa.

“We are not intimidated by threats, Syria is steadfast and achieves victories over terrorism; those who threaten Syria give assurances to terrorist organizations in order to continue killing civilians,” Mikdad said at a press conference at the Foreign Ministry headquarters in Damascus.

Those who shed crocodile tears over the Syrian civilians have never said a word about the crimes perpetrated by the US-led international coalition in Raqqa and complete destruction of the city, said Mikdad, wondering if the US and its allies have ever delivered a piece of bread to the city, treated the injured people or dismantled mines.

He noted that the US crimes in Syria are crimes against humanity that have been committed in front of the very eyes of the UN Security Council and other international organizations which dare not say a single word.

Mikdad stressed that Syria has cooperated and will cooperate to implement the latest UNSC Resolution No. 2401 on the cessation of combat activities in Syria, indicating that the armed terrorist groups continue to breach the resolution and shell Damascus on a daily basis.

Deputy Foreign Minister affirmed that the Syrian army and its allies’ military operations will continue till terrorists are fully eliminated, pointing out that the Syrian people are the ones who really suffer from preventing the delivery of humanitarian assistance to the Eastern Ghouta area.

He indicated to Syria’s initiative to open secure corridors to allow for the evacuation of civilians, adding that the citizens in Eastern Ghouta area were held hostage by terrorists there and this should be spotlighted by Western media.

Mikdad referred to an explicit contradiction in the practices of the United Nations and the western countries and their calls to peacefully resolve crises, noting that the Syrian government attempted to send a 46-truck convoy with humanitarian aid for people in Douma and other areas in the Eastern Ghouta but the shooting by armed terrorist groups on the trucks and the humanitarian corridor did not cease.

He said that the armed terrorist groups and the US, Britain and France which support them hold the responsibility for all what is happening.

Mikdad added that Syria supports the entry of humanitarian aid to al-Rukban Camp in case there are guarantees to reach citizens, not ISIL or Jabhat al-Nusra terrorists.

On accusing Syria of using chemical weapons, Mikdad reaffirmed that Syria does not possess chemical weapons and the fabricated news circulated by western parties aim at frightening the Syrians or launching attacks such as the US attack on al-Sh’airat Airport.

He hailed the Syrian Arab army’s sacrifices and achievements in order to defend their people and homeland.


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