US hinders evacuation of displaced from al-Rukban Camp, steals Syrian oil

TEHRAN, May 15 (MNA) – The Syrian and Russian Coordination Committees for Returning Displaced Syrians reaffirmed that the US is responsible for the slow process of evacuating civilians from al-Rukban Camp which increases the number of victims and the suffering of tens of thousands of the Syrians who are held forcibly by the US occupation forces in al-Tanf area and by the terrorist groups which back them.

They indicated that the US is stealing the Syrian oil and it facilitates its smuggling to finance the terrorist groups.

A statement issued by the two committees on Wednesday read ” The US bears full responsibility for the slow evacuation process of the displaced from al-Rukban Camp and their return to their permanent residences,” indicating that “Only quarter of the Camp’s dwellers have been evacuated.”

“The unconstructive behavior by the US side leaves more victims and increases the suffering of the Syrians who are forcibly held at al-Rukban Camp,” the statement added, noting that “Despite of the unprecedented measures taken by Russia and Syria to provide the suitable conditions in the areas to where the refugees are returning, the measures of evacuating citizens from al-Rukban Camp are slow and till now only 12 thousand people have left it.”

The statement added that in a time when the “US along with the allied states have created a fake fuel crisis in Syria with the aim of strangling the Syrian economy, the US is stealing the Syrian national resources and it organizes their smuggling through transporting them from the left bank of the Euphrates River and it works on financing the illegitimate armed groups and it uses them to make terrorist explosions to prevent the construction of Syria and to destabilize it.”

The statement called on the “The US to give up its double standards policy and to respect human rights and the international law and to pull out its forces from the Syrian territories immediately.”

The statement also called on the UN to implement its tasks and to push Washington to cancel the economic sanctions imposed on Syria soonest possible and to dismantle the camps of al-Rukban and al-Houl and liberate the Syrian citizens from them and to facilitate their return to their hometowns inside the Syrian territories.

The statement noted that the “Situation in al-Houl Camp east of Syria is not less catastrophic than that in al-Rukban Camp and its residents are facing the same problems.”


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