No military solution to problems of Islamic societies

TEHRAN, Feb. 16 (MNA) – Iranian president said that the distance among Muslims is West’s conspiracy, adding that there is no military solution to Islamic societies’ problems.

President Rouhani made the remarks in a meeting with elites, religious scholars and leaders of the Islamic community of Hyderabad, on Thursday evening.

In the meeting, the Iranian president expressed satisfaction over being present among the Muslim people of Hyderabad and the beautiful country of India on the anniversary of the victory of the Islamic Revolution, adding "my presence in Hyderabad means that Iran and India have a historical and cultural bonds, beyond economic and political relations between the two countries.”

Rouhani stated "my message, as the representative of the Iranian nation, to all people of the great country of India, especially the people of the historical city of Hyderabad, is the message of brotherhood and friendship of the Iranian nation towards the people of India."

The president emphasized “the Islamic Republic of Iran wants closer relations between the two great nations of Iran and India in all fields.”

"From the point of view of the holy religion of Islam, we have high goals that are beyond religions, and we all have a responsibility to follow the Qur'an and the Prophet of Islam (PBUH) for the establishment of good deed on earth and the elimination of bad and evil," continued Rouhani.

Stating that the important duty of all believers of Islam, the Prophet (PBUH) and the holy Qur'an is to enjoin good and forbid wrong, he said: “Enjoining good means the establishment of good and forbidding wrong means trying to eliminate immorality and corruption in society.”

Pointing out that Muslims have a high human goal in Islam's view, Rouhani added “according to the teachings of the great Prophet of Islam, all followers of Islamic branches must be sympathetic to all human beings, in addition to being brothers and united.”

In another part of his speech, the president also stated that the close relationship between human societies could be named in two critical historical phases, saying: “The first phase is about the recent 200 years and the formation of the automobile industry, rails and aircraft, which made the path among peoples shorter through the use of technology and industry.”

Rouhani added “at that time, industrial countries created major industrial centers and needed raw materials, mainly in non-industrialized and developing countries, including Islamic countries in Asia and Africa, and in order to supply raw materials cheaper and sell their products more expensive, established unfair, unjust relations with other nations, and part of exploitation and colonialism come from this point in time.”

“With the flourishment of industry, a relationship that had to be turned into a friendlier and just humanitarian relationship, unfortunately brought about oppression, colonialism and exploitation, and the root of war is in oppression, and in such a situation, war begins as a way to defend the rights of a community,” the President of the Islamic Republic of Iran added.

Rouhani remarked "when the Muslims had knowledge and the West was far from it, we gave them our knowledge without any condescension, but when the Westerners reached knowledge and technology, they did not behave like us and they are still not willing to give their technology and industry to others fairly and justly.”

"The only way we have is unity and solidarity and harder work in the acquisition of science and knowledge because the Almighty has bestowed the talent of science and knowledge to all human beings," said the president.

Stating that the West has made Muslim countries busy by creating disagreement among them, he said “the current disagreements exist while Shia and Sunni were living together like brothers for centuries and in Iraq and Syria, all religions were living peacefully with each other. Meanwhile, India can be described as the museum of peaceful coexistence of religions, branches and beliefs. But today, the West has made Muslims apart and formed groups in the name of Islam and jihad, which do not have any relationship with Islam and we call them Takfiri groups."

Rouhani stated "the call of the Islamic Republic of Iran since the first day of the Islamic Revolution has been the call for unity, independence, unity and attention to the East. We have moved on this basis, and in recent years, we have been working to resolve the war and violence along with the nations of the region."

Rouhani emphasized "we do not want to distance ourselves from any Islamic country and the countries of the region and our friend nations, and if there is a problem in the World of Islam, the solution is not military and the gun barrel, but with logic, reasoning, and dialogue, one can solve problems.”


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