Failure of US, ISIL plots made possible by martyrs' sacrifice

TEHRAN, Jan. 19 (MNA) – Secretary General of the Lebanese Hezbollah delivered a speech in commemoration of Quneitra martyrs, denouncing US presence in the region.

"When we talk about the failure of the United States and the victory of the people in the face of the threats and destruction of the Takfiris and ISIL, we must remember the martyrs, the sacrifices, the wounded and the warriors," Hezbollah’s chief said in a speech in commemoration of Quneitra operation.

In response to US government allegations accusing Hezbollah of involvement in trade of narcotics and illegal drugs, Hassan Nasrallah said “it is illegal for us to trade narcotics even if we sell the drugs to the Israeli community,” adding that allegations against Hezbollah regarding drug trafficking are part of a media war against it to tarnish its reputation."

Nasrallah added Hezbollah has no money, no company anywhere.

Hezbollah secretary general went on to add “Hezbollah proved to be one of the most important powers in the war against terrorism and Takfiri groups in the region, and this is the main reason for the attacks on Hezbollah.”

He hailed Hezbollah’s martyrs saying “martyrs like "Abu Emad" paved the way for their children to join the resistance.”

In another part of his speech this Friday, Hezbollah secretary general said there are evidence that the Zionist enemy was behind the explosion in Sidon port, stressing that Lebanon must not turn into a playground for Zionist regime’s intelligence agencies.

Nasrallah said that nobody talks about the postponement of the general elections in Lebanon and called on any political groups to stop accusations against each other for the sake of the country.

He emphasized that the US is using ISIL, and fighting against Takfiri groups as an excuse to stay in the region, and the Syrians can  prevent resurgence of ISIL and they do not need US help.

Nasrallah went on to stress that Trump’s use of Takfiri terrorism proves his hatred towards Islam.

He later accused some Arab countries of putting pressure on Palestinians to accept Zionist and American’s demands.


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