US seeks to take control of Syria’s oil, gas fields

TEHRAN, Feb. 16 (MNA) –Secretary General of the Lebanese Hezbollah says that the region has been plunged into a war over oil and gas reserves, adding that the US wants to take control of Syria’s oil and gas fields in the east of Euphrates.

Hassan Nasrallah made the remarks in a ceremony to commemorate the martyrs of the Resistance movement including Imad Mughniyah in Beirut on Friday.

In this televised speech, Secretary General of the Lebanese Hezbollah condemned the Israeli regime’s attempts to gain control over Lebanon’s gas reserves, saying the whole region has been plunged into a war over taking control of gas and oil fields.

He further explained that the US governments and some Arab rulers in the region have an eye on Syria’s oil and gas wealth, warning the Syrian Kurds of US disloyalty.

He stressed that the US is waging a war over taking the control of all oil and gas fields from the east of the Euphrates to the Persian Gulf.

Elsewhere in his speech, Hezbollah’s secretary hailed Syria’s downing of an Israeli F16 as a great achievement, saying that the decision to destroy the bomber was made by the Syrian President Bashar Assad himself.

He stated that the US government gives the most advanced bombers to Israel while denying to give air defense to Lebanon in favor of Zionist regime’s supremacy.

He later congratulated the anniversary of the Islamic Revolution in Iran, praising Iran’s offer to provide Lebanese Army with military equipment and electricity to people of Lebanon.

Secretary General of the Hezbollah also condemned Bahraini regime’s action in stripping the citizenship of protesters, stressing that the resistance will continue.

He concluded his remarks by denying that Hezbollah seeks to gain majority of votes in the next parliamentary elections and gain control of the Lebanon’s parliament.


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