Iran criticizes Saudi statement in Malaysian visit

TEHRAN, Mar. 02 (MNA) – Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesperson has strongly criticized article 15 of the statement released at the end of Saudi king’s trip to Malaysia.

Spokesman of Ministry of Foreign Affairs Bahram Ghasemi has rejected the claims made by the statement dubbing it another step in improper and targeted attempts by Saudis which are carried out in huge expenses; “cultural presence, influence of a country comes from its history, culture, civilization and roots in natural causes and is popular and cultural and not something achieved through military coercion or economic or political pressure,” he said.

“Principled policy of the Islamic Republic of Iran as an influential and pacific country is based on mutual respect and avoidance of intervention into domestic issues of other countries and following good neighborliness and cooperation with all neighbors and countries in region and world in order to improve stability, security and peace and indefatigable fight against terrorism,” Ghasemi asserted.

The spokesman slammed what Malaysian government has done as a piece in puzzle of Zionist circles’ agenda destroying unity in Islamic world and deemed it counterproductive to bilateral relations of the two countries.

While hailing recent OIC summit in Kuala Lumpur as a positive step addressing brutal massacre of Muslims in Myanmar, as an important challenge in Muslim world, Ghasemi criticized the statement a deviation from that correct track of policy and a dangerous contribution to Takfiri terrorist plots through financial cooperation with certain countries.

He advised all Islamic countries to be more vigilant toward regional and global situations and avoid measures which would harm friendly relations; “Malaysian government is expected to review, as wisely as before, the foreign policy of the Islamic Republic and avoid suspicious areas and deteriorating issues by deep and long-term considerations.”

Ghasemi also expressed hope that position and capacity of Malaysia could be applied for improvement of unity among Islamic nations.


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      Saudi envious of Iranian success as ME power house