Macedonia closes borders with Greece to avoid refugees passage

SKOPJE, Dec. 02 (MNA) – The government of Macedonia completed on Tuesday the construction of a fence along its southern border with Greece, to avoid the passage of thousands refugees, among which the number of children raises.

The two meters and a half fence was built in Gevgelija region for, as expressed by the former Yugoslavian authorities, regulate the migration flaw and avoid passage of illegals.

In the last few weeks, Macedonia, Slovenia, Croatia, and Serbia reduced access to cross its borders and now only allow passage of refugees from Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan who flee the war in those countries, highlighted the television of this capital.

But other immigrants, considered economic, from Bangladesh, Pakistan, Kurdish regions, Morocco and other African nations, protests and confront the police. Last Saturday at least 20 officers were injured in those clashes.

According to a joint report by UNICEF and the International Organization for Migration, 30 percent of the foreigners who came to Europe in the past two years are children, mostly under 12 years.

The document notes that the aforementioned amount, five percent were infants under two years old.

Only last October, 90 infants died, including five under two years, when crossing the Mediterranean Sea towards Italy or the Aegean Sea, towards Greece.

Out of the more than 870,000 immigrants that reached the European shores this year, 730,000 arrived in Greece, of which 26 percent were children, and 143,000 to Italy (10 percent of infants), the proportion of children among undocumented grew from one every 10 in June this year to one of every three last October, according to Eurostat.





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