Iran reacts to US allegations after recent attacks in Syria

TEHRAN, Mar. 25 (MNA) – An Iranian security official has reacted to the American officials' claims that Iran was involved in attacks on illegal US bases in eastern Syria.

The spokesman of the Supreme National Security Council (SNSC) Kayvan Khosravi said in response to some allegations made by American officials about the attack on the country's illegal bases in Syria that "Any pretext for attacking the bases created at the request of the Syrian government to fight with terrorism and ISIL operatives in that country will be immediately met with a reciprocal response."

He emphasized that Washington cannot link the natural and legal confrontation (reaction) of states that are under occupation by the US military forces to other countries by creating fabricated crises and lies.

Khosravi further said, "Iran has suffered a lot in the battle against foreign-backed terrorism to reestablish durable security in Syria, and it opposes any action that endangers the stability of that country."

The SNSC spokesman added that "The United States role in creating and supporting ISIL as a proxy in line with its political objectives in Syria and Iraq is evident to everyone, and in the past two days, American helicopters with several sorties have transferred ISIL terrorists in Syria with the aim of increasing instability in the country, something that they have to be held to account for."

After the US military reportedly conducted new aggression on Syrian soil, President Joe Biden said the US ‘does not seek conflict with Iran’.

He claimed that the US military aggression was done in response to an attack by Iran-backed groups on US troops in a military base in eastern Syria.

Meanwhile, local media in Syria said that more than 20 rockets were reportedly fired against two illegal bases belonging to American occupation forces in eastern Syria after the new US aggression.

The fresh rocket attacks targeted American outposts based near the al-Omar oilfield and the Koniko gas field in Syria's Dayr al-Zawr Province, Press TV reported.

American helicopter gunships were seen flying over the gas field in the aftermath of the rocket attacks, the media reported from Syria.


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