US not seeking to really remove sanctions in talks: analyst

TEHRAN, Dec. 20 (MNA) – An Iranian political analyst said that the US is not seeking the actual removal of sanctions on Iran and is waiting for its hybrid war to yield results and for Tehran to make concessions in the talks.

In an interview with Mehr News Agency, political commentator and journalist Seyed Mostafa Khoshcheshm said that Iran has always been ready to continue the talks to secure the removal of the oppressive sanctions but it has been the American side that has caused a several-month pause with its excessive demands.

The Americans are trying to stop Iran from pursuing its demands that the US must remove the sanctions on the country and asking for guarantees by waging a hybrid war, according to Khoshcheshm.

The political analyst further explained the components of the hybrid war waged by the US and said that it includes the propaganda war, economic war, conducting terrorist attacks and assassinations, sabotage attacks, fomenting riots, and intervention in Iran's internal affairs.

He said that in order for the talks to conclude a few remaining issues have to be resolved, describing them as the most important issues to reach an agreement. 

The US is not looking for the actual removal of sanctions and durable facilitation of Iran's foreign trade with the world, he said, adding that Washington is seeking an agreement that will have no serious benefits for Iran.

He added the US wants Iran to make big concessions while giving nothing important in return.

The political commentator further advised the Iranian negotiator to stand firm in the talks and not back down, calling the talks "a war of wills."

According to him, Tehran's steadfastness in the talks to pursue its demands will help it reach an agreement that is beneficial in terms of the removal of the sanctions.

"With the failure of America's hybrid war plans, then America must make its final decision," he noted.

Referring to the recent visit of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) delegation to Iran on Sunday, Khoshcheshm continued that the visit of the IAEA delegation took place to show Iran's goodwill in continuing to cooperate with the Agency and prove to the members of the Agency who are not America's allies and that Iran is not stubborn and it is instead flexible.

Meanwhile, he noted that it is this agency that acts as a political means in the hands of the US and as one of the tools used in the US hybrid war against Tehran.

"Certainly, Iran's approach to talks has always been positive, and during the past year since their beginning, they have been continuously moving forward,” he added. 

"So if we are going to reach an agreement with the western side, especially the hostile American government, that will have a real advantage, it will definitely not be an easy job," Khoshcheshm said.

"The American side does not come to the talks to make concessions, and because it considers itself a great power, it tries to achieve what it wants by using the available tools as a world power," Khoshcheshm emphasized.

He added Iran's continued steadfastness in the talks will force the US to make concessions to the advantage of Iran.

"If Iran resists, there will be two situations: Either there will be no agreement, or if there is an agreement, it will definitely come with durable economic benefits for Iran," the political commentator concluded.


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