New IAEA's report based on monitoring JCPOA under Res. 2231

TEHRAN, Apr. 07 (MNA) – Iran Permanent Envoy to Vienna-based International Organizations said that new report of International Atomic Energy Agency is a technical update report on monitoring implementation of JCPOA in according with UNSCR 2231.

Following the release of a report by the Director-General of International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Rafael Grossi on Wednesday regarding the verification of implementation of JCPOA in Iran and in the wake of publication of some oriented-, inaccurate- and biased news by some foreign media outlets, Mohammad Reza Ghaebi announced that IAEA's new report is an update technical report of International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) in the field of monitoring UNSCR 2231 which informs members of this organization about the latest developments as well as new technical information related to Iran's nuclear activities.

The report states that following Iran's notification to IAEA on January 19, it intends to produce centrifuge rotor tubes in a new location in Isfahan instead of Karaj TESA Complex and that IAEA inspectors made necessary arrangements in Karaj on January 22 and removed surveillance cameras and then production of centrifuge rotor pipes was stopped in this place, the envoy added.

On January 24, IAEA’s surveillance cameras were installed in Isfahan without access to their memory information, he said, adding that relevant information will not be provided to the Agency until Iran resumes implementation of JCPOA, so that this information will be kept and saved in Iran.

It was also reported that Iran informed IAEA on April 4 that it has transferred all machinery needed for producing centrifuge in Karaj to Natanz and on the same day, IAEA inspectors verified that all of them are inactive, Ghaebi added.


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      Why doesn't Iran quickly ask Arabs allies & Muslims militiias in the Middle East to jointly simultaneously Blitzkrieg Israel on many fronts, to obliterate him, with massive bombardments? First wave use Stealth attacks, 2nd wave fire all weapons to overwhelms..!!!