Language of accusations, threats not effective against Iran

TEHRAN, Mar. 01 (MNA) – Addressing European signatories to JCPOA, the Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman asserted that the language of accusations and threats is not a language that works against Iran.

Speaking in a weekly press conference on Monday, the Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman answered some questions over recent developments at the international level.

Answering a question over Tehran’s position over Europe's offer for direct talks with the United States over the nuclear deal, Saeed Khatibzadeh said, “We have declared the position of Iran explicitly, clearly and completely, but no change has been made in it.”

"We do not have any bilateral talks with the United States, and there will be no change in Iran's policies until the United States corrects its wrong policies", he stressed.

The path that the United States must take is to compensate for the wrong policies of the previous US administration, but unfortunately, to date, there has been no practical change in this anti-Iranian policy and maximum sanctions, he underlined.

If United States seeks to return the table of JCPOA, it must live up to its commitment under Resolution 2231, and such a thing doesn’t need any renegotiation, he said and added, “Positive actions will be responded positively, however, if we see different behavior from Europe and the United States, our response will also be different.”

Addressing European signatories to the nuclear deal, the Iranian top diplomat said, “Keep in mind that the path that has been taken before and the path of cooperation works better than any other ways, the language of accusations and threats is not a language that works against Iran, if they return to their commitment, Iran will respond immediately.”

Regarding Iran's cooperation with Europe and Borrell, he said, "The path of diplomacy has always been open and there has been no change in the JCPOA Joint Commission meeting and the US, as the violater of the nuclear deal, must fulfill its obligations then return to the table."

Tehran strongly rejects Israeli regime's PM accusations

Reacting to the baseless accusation of the Zionist regime’s prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu against Iran over nuclear weapons, Khatibzadeh said, “Zionist Regime is the root of many troubles, insecurities, and problems in the West Asian region, but the Islamic Republic of Iran is closely monitoring such moves.”

The spokesman also rejected the baseless accusations of Tel Aviv against Tehran for an explosion that happened in an Israeli ship in the region. 

The corrupt Prime Minister of the Zionist regime resorts to these projections only for the benefit of himself, he added.

In the defense doctrine of the Islamic Republic of Iran, nuclear weapons have never had a place, and unfortunately, it is the Westerners and the United States that have turned a blind eye to the stockpiled weapons and nuclear bombs of the Zionist regime.

Hailing Iran-China cooperation

Elsewhere in his remarks, he elaborated on strategic relations between Iran and China, saying that amid US sanction, it was China who purchased oil from Iran and got into close relations with the Islamic Republic in various fields

Sating that Iran received 250,000 doses of vaccine from China yesterday, Khatibzadeh hailed the relations between Tehran and Beijing are on the positive track.


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