HCHR condemns unilateral US sanctions on Iranian nation

TEHRAN, Oct. 12 (MNA) – The High Council for Human Rights (HCHR) of Judiciary of the Islamic Republic of Iran in a statement on Sunday strongly denounced the unilateral and illegal sanctions imposed by the US against the Iranian nation.

In this statement, High Council for Human Rights called on Western countries to be vigilant and should not be partners with the United States in crimes against humanity.

In an era when the right to life and the right to health, by their very nature, have even affected the exclusive rights of pharmaceutical company owners, the US regime has imposed and intensified cruel, illegal and inhumane sanctions against Iranian people. Supporting and implementing US sanctions by some European countries as well as creating numerous barriers to the import and export of petroleum products as well as financial and banking transfers have not only hampered Iran's normal economic, financial and banking relations but also these sanctions have created serious problems for Iran in the fields of purchasing drugs, medicines, diagnostic kits and laboratory equipment in difficult conditions of spread of the novel coronavirus, COVID-19, in practice.

The US regime has already committed "crimes against humanity" by unilaterally withdrawing from JCPOA and imposing the toughest sanctions on the Iranian people. The US regime in various periods including floods, earthquakes and coronavirus, COVID-19, as well as in various ways such as the cowardly assassination of the main defender of rights of regional countries i.e. martyr Lt. Gen. Qassem Soleimani had shown various aspects of crime in the right of independent nations.

Recently, the US regime has imposed illegal sanctions on Iranian semi-public and private banks to prevent access to food, medicine and humanitarian equipment. While opening a new chapter in the record of crimes against humanity, it (United States) revealed the height of its enmity and animosity against the Iranian nation, the statement is read.

Imposing sanctions on these banks, which provided significant services in humanitarian aid, medicine and food, has clearly violated the fundamental right of people to access food and medicine, which is an example of another blow to human rights and international law, including the interim order of the International Court of Justice issued in September 2009.

Despite the US government's claims to exclude humanitarian items, including medicines, foodstuffs, basic commodities and the like, the fact is that these items have also been affected by these sanctions. Because unilateral and illegitimate US sanctions imposed against financial companies including banks have affected payments related to the imports of humanitarian items in practice. In general, US sanctions have severely restricted the import of medical items into Iran, especially for incurable patients.


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