Path which US pursues nothing but dead-end: Rouhani

TEHRAN, Sep. 09 (MNA) – Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said that the path that the United States is pursuing is surely a dead-end and Washington has no other choice but to return from this path.

“The miscalculation of America since 2018 has been based on the presumption that it can force Iranian nation into its knees by imposing economic pressure … the Iranian people resisted against all pressures; US will not achieve its aim, although it is creating difficulty for our people. US has distorted its own image in the UN Security Council, in the international community, and even in its own country,” said Rouhani while speaking in a cabinet session on Wednesday.

“They surely feel regret and should return. And they will return. This path is dead-end for America. US has no other way but to return, otherwise, it will face a thick wall,” he added.

All educational centers open

"Despite the special conditions that have been created for education this year with the outbreak of coronavirus, the doors of no school and university are closed, but in the meantime, there is no compulsion in this regard and we do not force anyone.”

Stating that we want our students to be in perfect physical and mental health, Rouhani stressed the need for close monitoring of the health of students in educational centers.

Country’s economy on the path of growth

Referring to the government's measures to boost the country's production and development, the president said, “Measures taken in various fields, including industry, agriculture and services, show that people are not affected by sanctions and fear of coronavirus.”

Appreciating the resistance of the Iranian nation against the economic pressure and the oppressive sanctions of the enemy, Rouhani said “The great Iranian nation, all branches, agents and officials of the executive branch have used all their power in the current difficult conditions.”

“Despite the fact that for the past seven months, we have been facing sanctions and coronavirus at the same time, fortunately, our country has been on the path of economic growth in July and August,” said Rouhani.

The President pointed out, "The fact that the companies listed in the stock market have grown by 2.8% in August this year compared to the same period last year which shows that the country is on the path of surge in production and the enemies have failed to achieve their goals.”

Rouhani said that this week, we will have the 23rd week of the inauguration of national projects, adding, "During this period, despite all the economic problems, we have paid as much as we could to the businesses that had problems and the tenants who had problems with their rents.”

Stating that the government has prepared the stock market atmosphere for the presence of the people, he said, "Of course, the stock market has its own characteristics and has ups and downs, and whoever enters it should have a long-term and medium-term view, and I emphasize to the stock market officials that they should take care of the people's capital.”

"In the year of ‘Surge in Production’, I call on all officials to do everything in their power to make the production boom and, above that, the surge in production a priority and a great goal."

Enemies launching propaganda against the Islamic Republic

Stating that the enemies have launched a large-scale propaganda campaign against the interests of the Iranian people by creating false news channels, Rouhani said "Of course, they are always disgraced by the vigilance of the people and the Iranian nation has responded firmly to all of them.”

"The enemies expressed concern for the lives of the people during the reopening of the shops through raising the duality of ‘bread/life’, and in the months of Ramadan and Muharram, they used the holding of prayers and mourning ceremonies as a pretext for their concern, but in all these cases, there were disgraced when people observed all health protocols.”

Rouhani added, "In recent days, they are very angry that we are moving in the right direction in the matter of education and people do not listen to their false words and continue their way."

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