What is Nikki Haley looking for?

TEHRAN, Jan. 07 (MNA) – During her presence at the United Nations, the United States representative at the UN has started a full-blown opposition to the Iranian nation.

Nikki Haley, supported by US President Donald Trump, in her visit to Vienna and meeting with IAEA Director-General Yukiya Amano, has called for Iran's military sites to be visited by the IAEA". Also, Nikki Haley was one of Trump's main promoters for cancelling the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), and she's currently pushing for a walking away from the nuclear deal with Iran. The anti-Iranian approach of Nikki Haley is such that some American analysts specifically refer to her as an anti-Iranian diplomat.

In recent days, Nikki Haley has also been trying to play a strong role in supporting riots and turmoil in Iran. The United States Ambassador to the United Nations called for an emergency meeting on Iran's unrests in and contributed tothe interventionist policies of the US authorities in our country as well as in the region. Nikki Haley, the US Ambassador to the United Nations, called for the UN Security Council to be held in New York and the Human Rights Council in Geneva. "We should not remain silent," she said. "Iranian people are striving to achieve their freedom!" Haley also claimed that protests in Iran were not organized by foreign agents. Besides, Nikki Haley has claimed in another statement that the United States wants the voice of Iranian protesters to be better heard by the people of the world.

For sure, there is no doubt about the support of Nikki Haley and other members of Trump's administration for turbulence in Iran. However, Nikki Haley's diction and her support for the Iranian people and their demands, is in full contradiction with her previous efforts and her confrontation with Iran and Iranians. Nikki Haley's remarks led to the reaction of the Islamic Republic of Iran's Permanent Mission to the United Nations. Gholamali Khoshroo called the US Abassador to the United Nations, and her show, to be "false and despicable".

The Iranian UN envoy drew attention to “the most recent and wide-ranging attempts by the Government of the United States to intervene in the domestic affairs of the Islamic Republic of Iran.” “In the past few days, the US administration led by the US president has stepped up its acts of intervention in a grotesque way in Iran’s internal affairs under the pretext of providing support for sporadic protests”, he wrote. 

It has been stressed in this statement that, “as in all other democracies, the Government of the Islamic Republic of Iran is committed to protect this right, as well as the safety and security of its citizens against acts of violence and destruction." 

In her latest action against our country, the Nikki Haley said this week that Washington was seeking emergency sessions on Iran at the United Nations in New York and at the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva. The White House spokeswoman, Sarah Sanders, said there are several options to respond to protests in Iran, and boycotting and deciding on (extending) the suspension of sanctions is one of them. But the president has not yet decided on this. In other words, the government of Donald Trump may not extend the suspension of sanctions against Iran in the first month of this year (this month), and thus completely cancel the nuclear deal. As mentioned, Nikki Haley is one of the main encouragers of Trump in this regard. 

It should be noted that the American authorities' proposal regarding the necessity of holding an immediate Security Council meeting aiming at intervening the internal and domestic conditions of Iran has been faced with opposition of the Russian authorities. Senior Russian Senator Alexei Pushkov reacted to the statements made by Nikki Haley, about the need for an immediate Security Council meeting on Iran. Pushkov posted on his Twitter: "Haley is always thinking about peace and security. Before that, she was worried about the situation in Syria and now she is worried about "peace, security and freedom" in Iran. But truth be told, she is thinking of changing the political regime of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Earlier, the Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman, Maria Zakharova, in interpreting the US' real intention on holding an immediate Security Council meeting on human rights in Iran, reminded them of the broad street protests inside the United States and the American authorities' reaction. Zakharova wrote on her Facebook: "There is definitely lots of advice by the American delegation to share with the world. For example, Nikki Haley can talk about the experience of American security forces in suppressing the peaceful protests of the American people during the presidential election campaign, or about the widespread arrests and pressure on the "Occupy Wall Street" movement, or US police clashes with anti-racism protests in Ferguson." 

The fact is that Donald Trump and his administration members like Nikki Haley in the United States, should be prosecuted internationally for racism, terrorism and violence in the world. Obviously, under such circumstances, Nikki Haley's statements and her sympathy with the rioters in Iran have once again revealed the nature of her and other American authorities’ false statements to the Iranian nation. Nikki Haley, who failed in her previous mission to force the IAEA to disapprove of Iran's commitment to the JCPOA, would also fail in her new action against the Iranian people, and in this way, her name will be bound with failure and defeat.


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