Zaka mission: ‘organizing network of infiltrators’

TEHRAN, Nov. 07 (MNA) – Informed sources inside the IRGC intelligence have said American-Lebanese Zaka has been organizing networks of infiltrators inside Iran.

The same informed sources also said that Zaka’s mission was to polarize the political environment in Iran to lead a development very similar to that in Lebanon Nazar Zaka himself had organized in the past; trained in US base in the Riverside county, California, as his photos show, Zaka is an American national; however, the US authorities, while accepting that he is an American citizen, would deny any responsibility for his espionage acts.

Nazar Zaka is a security-intelligence figure of the US and has participated in several operations overseas; he has been dubbed ‘the hidden treasure trove,’ who had played a crucial role in Lebanese Cedar Revolution of 2005, and who, during assassination of Rafiq al-Hariri, joined American officials in alleging that Assad of Syria had planned and assassinated Lebanese Prime Minister, thus fueling the discord between Syria and Lebanon.

Meanwhile, Zaka remained active based on what the US intelligence had defined for him as a mission to inviting Lebanese public to unrest in streets; the outcome was that the anti-Syria coalition came victorious in general elections, which was called ‘Cedar Revolution.’

The ‘revolution,’ and the Hariri faction’s electoral success gave open hand to the Zionist regime in Lebanon, which managed creation of a situation where the Lebanese were divided and weakened; and thus Gen. Michel Naim Aoun decided to join the opposition. The US planned more targeted and coordinated assassinations in Lebanon in line with Israel to get rid of trouble of General Aoun.

Zaka also acted as an agent to weaken Hezbollah further; a velvet revolution was necessary to gain control of the situation in Lebanon, which brought a movement anti-Hezbollah pro-west, and anti-Syrian influence, into power, and provided for the US a paramount example to similar revolutions in Georgia and Ukraine. Zaka had plans also for Iran, through organizing networks of infiltrators and sowing divide among political parties to further US intelligence objectives in Iran and inflict damage whenever possible.




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